GLADIATOR 61 “MACH Festival” Fight card announcements



Out from the catacombs of the coliseum comes another contestant out to conquer 9/29. Enter… GLADIATOR!

Alright, so it turns out the news isn’t as news as it sounds. It was first announced by Hayato Sakurai that there would be an event humbly named after himself: “MACH Festival”, and naturally he made a nifty poster featuring the one and only MACHo man. Then MMA Opinion heard from fighter Shamar Bailey that he would be fighting MACH at “Flawless FC”. Then Sherdog put the competition up as being DEEP-sponsored. Finally, the MACH man himself cleared it up on his dojo Facebook page that it was a co-promotion with GLADIATOR. He still gets to keep the marquee.

And is if there weren’t going to be enough belts snapped, strapped, and buckled on that sacred Sunday, GLADIATOR is going to put some of its own hardware up for grabs. Five belts, to be exact. Ryuta Noji will try to punch out his second Korean in a row, Choi WongJang. Kurihara Tsuyoshi will make his one fight a year against 1-1 (not that) Taishow Taishow. Sugiuchi Isamu gets back into the ring against a much stronger opponent in Toshikatsu Hirada. Kiyoshi Kiyoshi, who fought twice as many fights as anyone else in 2012 to live up to his name, will take on a new and very large kid named Shinnosuke Oba. And rounding out the gold being handled out, the east-enders will duke it out in lightweight.

And because the gold belts aren’t bright enough, MACH’s added some stars to sparkle up the event. Two 1-minute exhibition matches will thrill the spectators with some probably very enjoyable antics. Takafumi Otsuka will don his signature Gladiator skirt against Mr Showboat himself, Kazuhisa Watanabe. Kazuyuki Miyata will be more puroresu than pro MMA wrestling against Michihiro Omigawa, who will finally get to bring his happy personality into the ring.


GLADIATOR 61 “MACH Festival”
September 29, 2013
Differ Ariake
Tokyo, Japan

Exhibition Match ▼エキシビションマッチ MMAルール 5分1R
Takafumi Otsuka 大塚隆史(AACC)
Kazuhisa Watanabe 渡辺一久(フリー)

Exhibition Match ▼エキシビションマッチ MMAルール 5分1R
Kazuyuki Miyata 宮田和幸(BRAVE)
Michihiro Omigawa 小見川道大(吉田道場)

#11 – ▼CMA KPWヘビー級王座戦 5分2R Heavyweight Championship
Ryuta Noji 野地竜太(TEAM GARO/野地道場)
Choi WongJang チェ・ウォンチャン(CMA KOREA)

#10 – ▼GLADIATORライトヘビー級王座戦 5分2R Light Heavyweight Championship
Kurihara Tsushiyoshi 栗原強(TEAM-ROKEN)

#9 – ▼GLADIATORライト級王座戦 5分2R Lightweight Championship
Toshikatsu Hirada(マッハ道場)
Sugiuchi Isamu 杉内勇(TEAM-ROKEN)

#8 – ▼GLADIATORミドル級王座戦 5分2R Middle Championship
Kiyoshi Kiyoshi 清(岐阜侍)
Shinnosuke Oba 大場慎之介(パラエストラ東京)

#7 – ▼GLADIATOR東日本フェザー級王座戦 East Japan featherweight Championship
Abe 阿部路人(漢塾)

#6 – ▼73kg契約 キックルール 3分3R Kick Rules
Harada Yoshiki 原田ヨシキ(マッハ道場)

#5 – ▼70.3kg契約 MMAルール 5分2R
While Hara Takashi 中原由貴(マッハ道場)
Lee GwaAng イ・グァンヒ(CMA KOREA)

#4 – ▼70.3kg契約 MMAルール 5分2R
Hideki Kondo 近藤秀人(マッハ道場)
ETO kimihiro 江藤公洋(和術慧舟會HEARTS)

#3 – ▼77.1kg契約 MMAルール 5分2R
99 Yusaku 九十九優作(和術慧舟會TIGER PLACE)
Yusaku Inoue 井上雄策(REDIPS)

#2 – ▼65.8kg MMAルール 5分2R
Nakamura 中村好史(マッハ道場)
Harai Toru 原井 徹(フリー)

#1 – ▼77.1kg契約 MMAルール 5分2R
Ando NET 安藤 純(超人クラブ米田奈央)
Yoneda NAO 米田奈央(チームカズ)



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