GLADIATOR x “Japan Deaf Mixed Martial Arts Championship”



MMA community leaders from across Japan founded the Japan-Deaf Mixed Martial Arts Championship (Japan-DMC) in 2012 to provide opportunities for hearing-impaired athletes to engage in competition. GLADIATOR supports the cause by hosting two fighters on its September 29th card.

Japan has a disabled population of approximately 6%. While the country is progressive in so many ways, government policies aimed at balancing the treatment of and opportunities for its disabled population were only enacted a mere 20 years ago, and revised to guarantee the “individual livelihood and dignity of people with disabilities” just ten years ago. However, sporting history in Japan has been quite the opposite, attested to by the Paralympics being held in Japan in 1964 and again in 1998. Amid the international sensationalism of disabled athletes wishing to participate in MMA comes news from those who wish to support their efforts.

The Japan-DMC was founded in 2012 and the first world lightweight tournament was held in Osaka on December 1, 2012. The semifinals will be held in Nagoya on March 24, 2013. Meanwhile, GLADIATOR will call attention to the cause and support it with two matches on its next card on September 29th in Tokyo. J-DMC fighter Kawamura Teppei will take on Ken Hamamura in a special MMA match, and in an exhibition match, Minowaman will face J-DMC’s Yoshimoto Kazuyki.


Along with the bout announcement, GLADIATOR released the Japan-DMC statement of purpose and a list of the organization’s leadership on August 28, 2013. As translated and paraphrased:

In the world, there exist many martial artists who are deaf and thus cannot participate in the competitions geared towards hearing people. They pour energy into training only to be forced to give up the dream; they cannot fight even if they want to because of the current competitions’ limitations.

To take up this issue and allow these fighters to follow their dreams, JAPAN-DMC was established. We will strive to match up future pioneering deaf martial artists so they can practice in their field, and keep the dream alive for many people by equalizing the competition environment and reducing the social barriers for persons with disabilities.

Chief Advisor: Akebono Taro
Advisers: Okuma Yosuke, Yoshitaka Kaieda, Minowaman, Dong-Hyun Kim
Liasion Officer: Shigeru Saeki
JAPAN-DMC Director: Tachikawa Tomoko
JAPAN-DMC accounting: 朝比 Yumi
Medical trainer: Junji Ida
Rules Director: Oniki Takanori (GLADIATOR referees Chief)
Technical Directors: Ken Hamamura, Ono Yuichiro
JAPAN-DMC 1st Chairman of Executive Committee: Sakurai Kazuya

Original release:



“JAPAN-Deaf Mixed Martial Arts Championship”の頭文字で構成され、「日本 – 聴覚障害者





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