DREAM 18 / GLORY 4 New Years Eve Press Conference

The venue has been changed from Shinjuku Park to the Sunroute Hotel because of the poor weather. Tomorrow’s event: Open door at 3pm, show starts at 4pm. At 2pm, tickets will be available at the door. Events start at 1pm. Skype specials and live Niconico broadcasting.

Pierre Andrand opened the event by announcing the event schedule which begins starting with DREAM MMA and then the 16-man kickboxing Grand Slam Tournament.

Fighter’s comments:

Satoru Kitaoka “I’m fighting the first bout – we will ignite the pace from the very beginning!” … You requested to fight in the first bout, why? “Tomorrow is going to be the restart for Japanese MMA and kickboxing and I can show that by being the first bout.”

Marloes Koen “This is the country I started my career in and I’m thankful for Pierre putting me on the card. Happy New Year.”

Fiona Muxlow “I’m very exciting to be fighting in Japan, this has been a dream of mine for a ling time.”

Hayato Sakurai “Every time I say the same thing, I put up a nice show. I’ll try my best.”

Phil Baroni “I’m out of funny shit to say. I didn’t come for sushi, I came to fight. Let’s start the new year with a bang.”

Denis Kang “It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Japan I have a new energy and I hope to show it tomorrow.”

Melvin Manhoef “It’s a long time since I’ve been to Japan. As usual you know what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna knock someone out. Happy New Year.”

Bibiano Fernandes “I really love Japan so I will do my best.”

Yoshiro Maeda “This is my first DREAM, I belong to Pancrase. I’d like to explode everything I’ve gotten in the past few years.

Shinya Aoki “This is my first fight in Japan in 12 months. However, it’s nice to fight in Japan again and I will do my best.”

Antonio McKee “This is my 15th time back in Japan, second time fighting. Gonna start the new year with a bang and try to finish it.”

Hiroyuki Takaya “Tomorrow is New Years Eve, so my fight is going to be very exciting.”

Georgi Karakhanyan “I’d like to thank GSI and DREAM. I’m looking forward to putting on an exciting fight for you guys.”

Tatsuya Kawajiri “I didn’t even dream that I’d be able to fight in New Years Eve again. This is my first fight in Japan in 12 months. I’d like to show who is the best featherweight in Japan. I’m going to explode. Everyone says that but I am really going to explode.”

Michihiro Omigawa “I feel like I’m about to explode. I’d like to ignite what’s inside of me and explode tomorrow.”


Mutsuki Ebata “I think I’m the smallest fighter, surrounded by heavyweights. I’m going to show you what a smaller fighter can do.”

Sang Jae Kim ““I’m very honored to fight for Glory 4, and happy against Mr Ebata, Iwill do my best.”

Yuichiro Nagashima “The global anime fans. I’m a cosplayer and fighter. From the entrance to the fight everything is going to be very exciting.” … The geeks will be watching, what will you show? “This is a Japanese style costume, and there are costume fans in Europe, I’m the geek of the geeks, and I’d like to show that even geeks can fight.”

Robin van Roosmalen “It’s my first time in Japan, I’m glad to put on a great show tomorrow.”

Toshio Matsumoto “85kg weight is not really well known in Japan, but I’d like to show that we’re as strong as heavyweight fighters.”

Jason Wilnis “It’s my first time in Japan, it’s a beautiful country. You guys are doing great things for the sport. Thanks everybody.”


Semmy Schilt “I want to thank Glory. Tomorrow I’m going to show you a great fight.”

Brice Guidon “It’s a really nice tournament. It’s not an easy one, I’m facing the number one. I will try to finish it.”

Sergey Kharitanov “I have come back to Japan many times, I’ve fought in DREAM. I’d like to thank Glory for including me this time. I ill put up a great show tomorrow.”

Rico Verhoeven “We’re all going to put up a great show. I’m sure Glory’s going to bring kick boxing to a whole new level, a whole new level.”

Gohkan Saki “It’s good to be back in Japan after 2 years. I trained really hard. It’s the first time it’s gonna be final 16 in one day, I can’t wait to try out the new system.”

Raomaru “I’m the only Japanese in the tournament, please support me, I’ll do my best.”

Anderson Silva “This is my first time to come to Japan, it’s something that I dreamt about. Happy New Year.”

Igor Jurkovic “I hope it will be an interesting match and you will enjoy the fight.”

Remy Bojansky “I want to thank everyone for coming. We have the best from all over the world. Everyone has to show their best, they have to because they’re going to lose 10% if thy don’t!”

Filip Verlinden “It’s a long life dream I’ve mine to be here. It’s an historic event. I’m going to do everything in my power to show you an exciting fight.”

Errol Zimmerman “I’m really glad to be here again. Tomorrow will be a big show. And you know me.”

Jamal Ben Saddik “I’m ready for the big show tomorrow.”

Peter Aerts “For tomorrow it’s gonna be a big show. I wish everybody luck and many knock outs.”

Mourad Bouzidi “I want to show the Japanese audience what I have, and I will show you fireworks on New Years Eve.”

Daniel Ghita “It’s a long time since I’ve fought here. I hope tomorrow’s going to be a good night for all those who love this sport.”

Jhonata Diniz “I’m a young guy among all these legends. I’m very honored to fight between all these legends on Final 16.”