–  GLORY 16 man tournament on New Years Eve in Japan will start fast.  It will follow rules of “the best 2 of 3 rounds” consisting of 2 minutes, so if you win first the first 2, there will be no third.  Judges will score live on the broadcast platform, so the audience will know who moves on in the tournament.  As a side note, this clean and instant scoring should leave potential gaming options open as a positive work in progress.

–  In 2009 Anduran said his group was looking at buying K-1, and instead started their own brand.  They intend to make kickboxing events prevalent  around the world.  The reasons for not purchasing K-1 include that the label is a bad name in Japan with broadcasters, therefore not a clean buy.

–  Marcus Luer is the Managing Directer with a sports marketing background with such promotions like WWE, and has worked with many boxing promoters in Asia. His group originally looked at K-1 as well.  Their paths crossed and they saw eye to eye on the global scale.  The intent of Glory is to show that the athletes are not just the end product but are special, and will be paid on time.

– Glory plans 13 shows next year.   Kicking off in London in February, and  May in the US.  There will be three events in the US, and San Fransisco was mentioned as a top area, however they are still scouting around.

–  Worldwide, Anduran says fights will be inEurope, Japan and US, the two biggest markets being Japan and US.  There will be 3 shows in Japan, 3 in US, 5 in different European cities.  They want to invest in documentaries on television and look at new athletes from different disciplines, looking for the newest stars.

–  Marcus,when asked about boxing versus kickboxing, says boxing is on the left, MMA is on the right, and kickboxing in the middle.  He believes kickboxing is more exciting than boxing.

–  Glory only took the slot for the New Years Eve show, but if the opportunity is there, they will take over the DREAM brand, but have no intentions to display it beyond Japan. The idea is to have DREAM events on their own, Glory events on their own, maybe one mixed promotion per year.

–  Glory wants to bring in more weight categories, one tournament per year, so some new stars will emerge in different weight categories.

–  They will have smaller tournaments in the US to find some of the best fighters, such as 8 or 10 man tournaments.  They are actively looking to identify the next big stars by sponsorships and giving coaching and fighting opportunities.

–  Television: Fight Now in the US.  Distribution has kicked off well, they are in final negotiations in US and will announce a deal in the next month.  Glory has 30 broadcast deals covering 180 countries around the world, like Eurosport.  They have a good distribution in Asia, and believe in comparison that the UFC has trouble because of being edgy, and kickboxing is easier to get on terrestrial and free to air.

– The December 31st broadcasts are not announced yet, but  will be streamed internationally.