HEAT 33 brings back the 1-day Tourney with Tezuka, Tsujikawa, Yamaniha, Sone

HEAT 33 1-day Tourney: Tsujikawa, Sone, Yamaniwa, Tezuka
HEAT 33 1-day Tourney: Tsujiki, Sone, Yamaniha, Tezuka

HEAT 33 takes place on September 9, 2014 in Nagoya, Japan. A 1-day Bantamweight Tournament will be featured, Fumitoshi Ishikawa versus Koshi Matsumoto tops the card.


Off his recent Grachan Championship win, HEAT invites Motonobu Tezuka as the fourth and final man to join the 1-day tournament. Tezuka was a Pancrase Rookie and number one contender who met a hard road in UFC. Yuta Nezu then took his contender status away at VTJ 3rd, then Kim Soo-Chul waylaid his boxing ambitions at ROAD FC 14. Tezuka returned with a draw and a win to clam the Grachan belt. This 1-man tourney could set him back on the warpath.

Next contestant, Gladiator Bushido Champ Ryohei Tsujikawa, is the up-and-comer of the bunch. At just 21 years old he owns a sole loss on his record and rides a streak of seven going into this tournament. Tsujikawa is being groomed by CMA as their next prospect; along with Gladiator and HEAT, he’s already competed in Pancrase, Demolition and ROAD FC too.

Alan Yoshihiro Yamaniha is the third contestant, another journeyman with a checkerboard record. The jiujitsu ace has the ability to finish on the ground, but if he can’t take it there, he can evasively go the distance. He’s only been submitted once, and that was to grappler extraordinaire Shunichi Shimizu, and his remaining 2 losses were respectable ones against ROAD FC 2 time championship contender Song Min-Jong and King of Pancrase Shintaro Ishiwatari.

Demolition Champ Kazuma Sone rounds out the pack, though he already has losses to Tsujikawa and Alan. He’s a HEAT staple and will have that to his advantage, and next to Tezuka he is the most experienced of the four.


September 9, 2014
Nagoya Congress Center
Nagoya, Japan

1-day Bantamweight Tournament

Motonobu Tezuka (21-8-5) 手塚基伸(総合格闘技道場コブラ会/第3代GRACHAN MMAバンタム級王者)
Kazuma Sone (13-10) 祖根寿麻(志村道場/初代DXFCバンタム級王者)
Ryohei Tsujikawa (7-1-3) 辻川凌平(創道塾/グラジエーター武士道 バンタム級王者)
Alan Yoshihiro Yamaniha (9-3-4) ヒロ・ヤマニワ(ブラジル/TS GYM)

Fumitoshi Ishikawa (9-2) 石川史俊(風吹BJJアカデミー)
Koshi Matsumoto (11-6-1) 松本光史(マスタージャパン/2009年修斗ウェルター級新人王)

Go Yamazaki (6-3) (志村道場)
Takaya Takemoto (0-1) 丸山啓哉(ALIVE)

Satoru Nakanishi (3-0) 中西 聡(風吹BJJアカデミー)
Doteki Ogawa (3-2) 小川道的(柔術兄弟)

Kiyoshi Kiyoshi (7-3) 清(岐阜侍)
Douglas Ronca Kobayashi (0-2) ドーグラス・ロンカ・小林(ブラジル/TS GYM・ブラジリアン・タイ)

HEAT New Age 60kg
Yusaku Hayashi (1-1-1) 優作(志村道場)
Shinya Tanamori (3-5-2) 棚森進也(神越流)

Bob Armstrong (2-0)
Roner Alcantara Matsuda(0-1)