IGF Bom Ba Ye final line up and weigh in results from New Years Eve event, stream info

IGF Inoke Bom Ba Ye Havyweight title match Cro Cop vs Satoshi Ishii
IGF Inoke Bom Ba Ye Havyweight title match Cro Cop vs Satoshi Ishii

IGF hosts its 2014 Inoki Bom Ba Ye event with a main event rematch between current Heavyweight Champion Mirko Cro Cop Filipovic and former Champ Satoshi Ishii.  The event will have a live PPV on Niconico.


Cro Cop joined IGF after his unsuccessful late-career bid in the UFC. He started pro wrestler turned MMA fighter Shinichi Suzukawa in his first appearance with an armlock. While the favor was returned to him in Legends by Oleksiy Oliynyk, Cro Cop came back to IFG and took the crown from Ishii’s head with elbows from the bottom that cut open the Japanese stand out’s skull.

Ishii hadn’t seen defeat in eight games, not since his KO by Fedor at Dream: Fight For Japan! in 2011. The unfortunate end has left him with a bitter taste. The man who defeated the likes of Tim Silvia, Jeff Monson, and Phil Defries to get to the title is looking to see it returned to him.

Also on the card, Shinya Aoki makes another appearance at a New Years event against Yuki Yamamoto at lightweight. The only other battle in this lower division is Ramazan Esenbaev versus Kiuma Kunioku; the rest are all heavyweight and open weight sluggers.


IGF Inoke Bom Ba Ye 2014
December 31, 2014
Ryogoko Kokukigan
Tokyo, Japan

Start time 5pmJST

Live stream on Niconico here.

#8 Heavyweight Championship
[Champion] MIRKO CRO COP ミルコ・クロコップ(106.50kg) 5分3R
[Challenger] SATOSHI ISHII 石井 慧(107.40kg)

SHINICHI SUZUKAWA 鈴川 真一(100.20kg) 5分2R
CHRIS BARNETT クリス・バーネット(151.80kg)

SHINYA AOKI 青木 真也(70.15kg) 5分3R
YUKI YAMAMOTO 山本 勇気(70.30kg)

CRUSHER KAWAGUCHI クラッシャー川口 (no weigh in)
JUSTIN WILLIS ジャスティン・ウィリス(131.45kg)

RAMAZAN ESENBAEV ラマザン・エセンバエフ(70.30kg) 5分2R
KIUMA KUNIOKU 國奥 麒樹真(69.15kg)

TSUYOSHI KURIHARA 栗原 強(92.45kg) 5分1R
RYO SAKAI 酒井 リョウ(106.95kg)

Takaaki Oban “C-BOY”(115.65kg)
YUSUKE MASUDA 増田 裕介(101.0kg)

SHUJI MORIKAWA 森川 修次(110.45kg)
KATSUYOSHI SASAKI 佐々木 克義(87.75kg)