KIKUNO KATSUNORI is the latest Japanese fighter bound for the UFC



In a heartfelt statement on his blog, Kikuno Katsunori has confirmed his signing by the UFC.

“I have made a contract with the American organization UFC. Like Major League Baseball, soccer’s Series A, it is number one, the world’s premier mixed martial arts organizations.

I practiced hard to win when I was a high school student in the Judo tournament.
I practiced hard to win in kyokushin karate at the National Convention.
Practiced and desperately thought how to win in PRIDE against the champion Gomi.
Practiced and desperately thought how to win in DREAM against the champion Aoki.
And have been thinking about how do I win in the UFC, while practicing.

I was born from ordinary parents and grew up in Japan to challenge the world.
The first time was in judo at junior high school 20 years ago.
I took the first step.
I did not give in.
After that, nothing but good luck.
I believe what dwells in me and I will fight.

I would like to participate in Singapore’s 1/4 event next year but it is undecided.”


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