Set the scene: the annual holiday party for YSA – also known as Yamamoto Sports Academy and Krazy Bee Gym in Tokyo.  A billion kids running around, alternating between wrestling matches and tag.  A table overflowing with food.  Beers and Japanese drinks magically appearing from out of nowhere.  Famous tattoo family Horitoshi artists sketching snakes for the new year.  A DJ spinning awesomeness.  Kid Yamamoto greeting everyone.  A ton of fighters getting a night to relax, like phenom Kyoji Horiguchi, Shooto superstar Yusuke Yachi, UFC signup Issei Tamura.  And the first Lightweight Champion of ONE FC, Kotetsu Boku.  

Boku is one of the most interesting fighters on the planet.  He’s reinvented his image a few times, fought some of the best in the business, became vegan, and generally scared people in elevators for most of his career.  Then he got a call from Matt Hume to make a move to ONE FC and challenge uber-prospect Zorobabel Moreira for the inaugural Lightweight belt.  The match was the stuff of legend, with Boku taking tons of punishment in a surprising stand up war, and eventually landing an overhead right that amazingly found its way all the way to the 6’4″ chin of Zoro.

In perhaps not the best of circumstances, MMA-in-ASIA had the chance to sit down and chat with Boku in the middle of the party.  What transpired is epicness at its finest.  Perhaps journalism is best suited to be carried out with copious amounts of alcohol and happiness.  ‘Tis the season!  Please enjoy the interview, and prepare to giggle.