UFC 182: Kyoji Horiguchi shows his technical side with a UD win over Louis Gaudinot


kyoji winner

UFC 182 took place on January 4, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Kyoji Horiguchi showed his more patient and technical side with a Unanimous Decision earned over Louis Gaudinot.


Round 1. Both fighters come out bouncing. Horiguchi with a leg kick. Punches Gaudinot backwards. Gaudinot with a kick that sweeps Horiguchi’s legs out. Gaudinot follows up with punches. Horiguchi with a flying knee. Gaudinot with a sharp low kick. Horiguchi counter punches him. Horiguchi with a low kick and Gaudinot counter punches very well. Gaudinot body kick. Last minute rally as Horiguchi comes alive. Horiguchi ends with double undercooks to the cage.

Round 2. Horiguchi takes the center now. Horiguchi with a 1-2 combo that rocks Gaudinot back plus a flying knee. Horiguchi keeps Gaudinot’s return onslaught attempt away with jab and kick. Gaudinot clinches and gets a standing arm triangle then jumps guard. Lets go. Horiguchi with a clinch to the cage looking for takedowns. Break. Horiguchi with big right and high kick. Horiguchi with a head kick that lands. Gaudinot returns with a good low kick. Horiguchi goes in with combo at the cage. Horiguchi with nice jab and high kick counter. Horiguchi with the trip to top control at the bell.

Round 3. Gaudinot with a big right to open. Horiguchi with a front kick. Horiguchi goes in with a 1-2 when Gaudinot stands still. Horiguchi with a high kick. Horiguchi with another high kick. Gaudinot with another leg kick. Horiguchi swarms him! Horiguchi lands a hard left hook. Horiguchi is now stalking Gaudinot. Gaudinot tries to jump guard for something again. Horiguchi puts him back to the cage. Gaudinot tries to rally but Horiguchi slips everything he throws.

Kyoji Horiguchi defeats Louis Gaudinot by Unanimous Decision, (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)