MICHINORI TANAKA, Bantamweight Champ of PXC, signs to UFC



SuckerPunch Entertainment today announced the signing of Michinori Tanaka to the UFC. Tanaka is the Pacific Xtreme Combat 135 pound Champion, and the latest the promotion has released to pursue international competition.

Tanaka made his entrance to MMA in Shooto, where he took the 2011 Rookie Tournament Championship without much fuss. Then he progressed to PXC, remained undefeated and unstoppable as he grabbed the Bantamweight Championship from Crisanto Pitpitunge in a 5-round decision. Tanaka delivered another 5-round war against Kyle Aguon, an incredible display of heart, technique, and endurance. The 23-year old has already gone two fights longer than almost anyone of his age or experience.

Tanaka is expected to make his UFC debut before the summer of 2014.

Check out our interview with Tanaka one year ago, right after his first fight in PXC.