Pancrase 2013: The future


In an incredible video featuring head kick and KO highlights from two decades of battles, pioneer Pancrase has announced some stunning plans for 2013, its 20th year in MMA action.

From the open palm style hybrid wrestling, through head kicks, stomps, women’s bouts and merging a ruleset into more conducive to widespread contemporary MMA, Pancrase past has opened the Pandora’s Box of events to come.

This past year saw a plethora of title fights and a new welterweight tournament, as well as the start of a Shooto versus Pancrase rivalry. This trend will continue and Pancrase looks overseas and takes on all comers.

Numbered Events

1/12 – Starting with #244 – yes that’s 243 Pancrase events that have been held to date.

Pancrase vs. The World

2/3  – Pancrase versus American Kickboxing Academy (AKA)

3/17 – Pancrase versus none other than Wanderlei Silva’s Team!

Single Night Tournaments

5/19 – The Neo-Blood Tournaments resume after a five-year hiatus

20th Anniversary

9/29 – Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium will be the venue for this historic event