PANCRASE 252 Play by Play



September 29, 2013
Tokyo, Japan

1. Takafumi Ito vs Yukio Sakaguchi

Rd1. Ito goes for a double and gets Sakaguchi in the corner. Sakaguchi powers to standing twice but Ito is on his back with a seatbelt and trying to sink a rnc. Ref stands it and Ito quickly goes for his bread and butter again. Rd 2. Ito again shoots. Sakaguchi tries to sprawl and fails. Ito spins him down. Sakaguchi gets a momentary reversal but crafty Ito grabs an arm and rolls him completely head over heels to get the stop by kimura.

Takafumi Ito defeats Yukio Sakaguchi by submission, rd 2.

Ito says he is very proud proud and wants to continue to fight in Pancras because even if he wins he still has regrets for some things so still wants to fight.

2.Leo Zuluric vs Takuma Konishi for ISKA Oriental Continental title

Konishi lands the early kicks. Leo comes back with punch combos. Low knee put Leo down. Konishi lands more kicks after the restart but his low hans give Leo ooening after opening in which he gets in and lands nice elbows. Rd 2. Konishis kicking is blasting but Leo turns it around and starts using low chops paired with his effective combos. Rd3. Konishi starts using better footwork to escape the damage. Rd4. Big toss by Leo, his 3rd or 4th so far. Rd5. Wado gives Leo a yellow card for a throw. Konishi starts landing punches and Leo drops his hands lets them come and nothing fazes him. Leo gets another yellow for a head toss. Final minute sees everyone throwing all they have.

Takuma Konishi defeats Leo Zulurig by decision.

3. Sirwan Kakai vs Taichi Nakajima — at PANCRASE 252 (20周年記念大会).

Rd1.Sirwan gets a low double. Taichi works back to a corner to walk up. This repeats. Then Taichi gets a takedown and scrambles ending with a tight triangle. Switches to an armbar and Sirwan jumps out of it to end the round in guard. Rd 2. Taichi lands a flurry and goes in to clinch and throw Sirwan. Back to standing and Sirwan with a throw. Standing. Taichi with a td and lands in back position’ grabs an arm and yanks it but Sirwan jumps over again. Standing and Taichi with a guilotine but Sirwan slams him anyway. Rd3. Sirwan goes for double underhooks and as they clinch it is Taichi with knees and a td to briefly be on top. Sirwan gets the next double but they are back up quickly as is par for this course. Taichi with a nice hip toss.

Taichi Nakajima defeats Sirwan Kakai by UD.

4. Baba Yuki vs Marcio Cesar

Rd1. Yuki goes an the assault with punches and tackles Cesar. Off his back Cesar finds an armbar. Yuki tries to stomp knee and hammer his way out but is forced to tap.

Marcio Cesar defeats Yuki Baba by submission rd 1.

5. AB vs Felipe Olivieri

Rd 1. Ab goes in and eats knees. A nice toss by Felipe. Felipe is landing nice strikes and Ab rushes in. Huge knee puts Ab down and blasts his face open. Felipe follows up on the ground until the ref jumps in.

Felipe Olivieri defeats AB by TKO rd 1.

6. Hiroki Nagaoka vs Richie Whitson. — at PANCRASE 252 (20周年記念大会).

rd1. Hiroki shoots several times. The taller Whitson easily takes advantage of the opening and cranks on a guillotine that puts Hiroki to sleep.

Richie Whitson defeats Hiroki Nagaoka by submission rd 1

8. Rin Nakai vs Tara Larosa — at PANCRASE 252 (20周年記念大会).

Rd1. Tentative start. Rin tags Tara who returns the favor. Rin with low kicks that are not very effective. Tara gets in on Rin and she ducks then clinches – twice. Tara is looking to ko Rin but Rin counters with low kicks and gets away. Rd2. Rins low kicks are paying off. Tara lands a nice inside leg kick and smells blood. Tara lays into her and knocks her down. Rin weathers the onslaugh! She is able to get Tara s neck and drag her down to take the back. Tara stands as Rin sinks the choke then bends over to slide her off , it works. Rin ends inside guard and eventually works to the back again to body lock and choke to the bell. Nice round! Rd3. Tara knows she has to ko Rin. Tara has a good jab but she needs bunches of them. Rin lands on of her own. Tara falls on a td attempt and lands on her back. She throw some up from the bottom. From the top Rin hunts for a kimura that is gruesomely torqued on Tara. Tara saves herself but Rin still keeps the arm until the bell.

Rin Nakai defeats Tara Larosa by UD

9. Bogdan Cristea vs Shinji Sasaki — at PANCRASE 252 (20周年記念大会).

Rd1. Feelinv each other out. Cristea with th3 heavier strikes. Sasaki is dropping his hands. Cristea is going for single leg kicks and a few combos. Sasaki just throwing single jabs. At 30 secs Cristea shoots. He ends the round with a takedown. Rd2. Sasaki has that jab that has opened up Criteas brow. It is working well now. Cristea tries to drag Sasaki down but ends up on the bottom. Rd3. Cristea bleeding from nose and eye but he brings it and wallops Sasaki to the mat. Soccer kick! Cristea has a guillotine! Sasaki reverses! They stand. Now it is finally a slugfest and they both taunt to the delight of the crowd.

Bogdan Cristea defeats Shinji Sasaki by Unanimous Decision

10. Will Noland vs Shinsho Anzai

Rd1. Will slips and Anzai goes for a single. Anzai gets an ankle pick on the larger Anzai. Bqck to the ring center and Anzai goes on a tear hammering at Wills head. He throws a knee and slips and for a moment Will has top. Anzai gets it standing and knocks him down like felling a redwood.

Shinsho Anzai defeats Will Noland by TKO.

11. Masanori Kanehara vs Joe Pearson

Masanori Kanehara defeats Joe Pearson by by scud missle to the face

12. Dom OGrady vs Satoru Kitaoka — at PANCRASE 252 (20周年記念大会).

Rd1. Kitaoka opens with a right hook, a shoot, a throw attempt. When they dont work he clibs up Dom and chokes him out.

 Satoru Kitaoka defeats Dom OGrady by submission rd 1

13. Jordan Currie vs Shungo Oyama

Oyama enters to thunder. The big guys hit the mat with Shungo on the bottom. He looks for a kimura. Jordan works to back and then mount. Shungo reverses out with a heel hook attempt! Jordan works out and back to mount. He punches Oyama then opts to sink a darce as the bell sounds and Oyama is out. There seems to be some confusion jn the ring. Apparently Pancrase does not have a rule to deal with a finish that happens after the bell.

John Currie defeats Shungo Oyama by decision. Official ruling to come after the playback is checked.

14. Marlon Sandro vs Yojiro Uchimura

Rd1. Uchimura with nice kicks. Sandro is able to slam him down twice. From the bottom Uchimura grabs a tight hold on Sandro which negates a lot of his work. Sandro works inside half guard with alternating punches. Ref stands it up. Last 10 secs and Uchimura lands an audible spinning backfist. Rd2. Sandro tries a spinning back kick. Uchimura kicks Sandros levs out from underneath him! Marlon comes back swinging and Uchimura head kicks him! Marlon gets the td against the ropes. Again Uchimura hangs on for dear life. Sanrdo is trying to pass but Uchimura looks for the triangle. Sandros up and lets Uchimura get up too. Rd3. Uchimura opens with low kicks and Marlon flying knees hi. In the corner. Uchimura stuffsa shoot with his feet outside the ring. Twice! Nice right by Sandro finds a home and they start tradinv strikes. Sandro shoots in the corner. Last 30 seconds se Sandro overhabd right to a td .

Draw by all judges.

15 . Champ Sunabe Mitsuhisa vs Shinpei Tahara

Rd1. Tentative trading. Shinpei goes for a single and misses so takes the back standing. Sunabe lands a knee. Shinpei wings one back. Shinpei has the back standing again and he goes for a throw but the ropes bounce Sunabe back up. Sunabe with a combo that lands flush and he follows up with a flying knee right at the bell! Rd2. Sunabe has the reach but Shinpei comes in. Sunabe lands an uppercut and it puts Shinpei down so he follows it up on the ground. But Shinpei again survives to get up and get Sunabes back! Action faster than I can type in this one. Sunabe repeatedly drops Shinpei but he always bounces back up. They trade to the bell. Rd3. Quickly to the ground with Sunabe inside Shinpeis guard. Shinpei throws a leg over for a tight armbar. Sunabe is out and as Shinpei rolls away he soccer kicks him in the face! Somehow Shinpei gets another armbar! Shinpei smells a title and hes going for it. He gets a single and takes Sunabes back! He tries for a choke but Sunabe gets standing. 30 seconds and its Sunabe with the rd and on top! 20 seco ds of a war!

Asia Mma Sunabe Mitsuhisa defeats Shinpei Tahara by UD

16. Champ ISAO vs Bancho

Rd1. ISAO is wearing red velvet vale tudos. Rd1. Isao goes in with hooks that land. In clinch Bancho throws knees. Td attempt and Isao jumps on Banchos back. Hes looking for a choke but Bancho defends well. Isao keeps his hooks and controls Bancho but he cant find the choke. The crowd is deathly quiet. Bell. Rd2. Isao smashes Bancho and he goes down! Isao continues the beating Bancho miraculously gets to his feet and Isao keeps hammering away in the corner! Isao takes down but Bancho claims top position. Ref stops for the doc. Banchos face is a mess and Isao has an open eyebrow. Fight resumes. Bancho is keeping Isao flat but hes not active. Stand. They go toe to toe! Bancho shoots and gets inside guard. Rd3. Isao double legs! Bancho outside leg trips! Clinch in the corner and Bancho lands many knees and gets a trip. Again hes inside guard. Isao powers up! Bancho with another trip to side! And mount! And back take! The crowd is nuts!!! Isao tries to drop Bancho off the top and he does but Bancho keeps an arm! Isao flips out. Now theyre in 50 50 and punching each other! They stand! Bancho gets another throw! And another but isaos on top looking for rnc. Bell!!!

ISAO defeats Bancho by split decision.

17. Yoshiki Takahashi final match vs KOP Ryo Kawamura

Ryo breaks out of a guillotine to put Takahashi to sleep with punches.

Ryo Kawamura defeats Yoshiki Takahashi by TKO rd 1.

Takanori Sato and Kiyotaka Shimizu were both presented gold belts for having successfully defended their titles 5 times.


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