PANCRASE 264 update: KOP Nakayama vs Nam Phan, Will Chope meets Satoshi Inaba

Pancrase 264 Takumi Nakayama vs Nam Phan
Pancrase 264 Takumi Nakayama vs Nam Phan

Pancrase 264 will be the promotion’s first event in 2015 on February 1st. Headlining will be King of Pancrase Takumi Nakayama defending his Featherweight title against Nam Phan.


Stalwart Asia journeyman Will Chope, a 1-fight veteran of the UFC, was signed to Pancrase earlier in the year. He garnered an eye opening win over Pancrase King Takumi Nakayam in PXC which sent him into the big leagues. However, Chope won’t get his chance to try for a second chance just yet.

Vying for the beautiful silver belt will be Nam Phan, another journeyman and UFC vet well-known to Japanese and international fans alike. Phan earned the shot after defeating top-ranked Yuki Baba by submission.

Chope will instead face Satoshi Inaba for his promotional debut. Again, the lanky tall featherweight will enjoy a reach and height advantage as he’s pit against a tough Pancrase ranker.

Also on the card, Guy Delumeau will face Akitoshi Tamura, and Yusei Shimokawa mets Kento Kanabe.

A new “Light Flyweight” Tournament of 115-pounds is on the bill for the event. Masakazu Utsugi versus Yoshihiro Matsunaga plus Takuya Eizumi versus the winner of the December 21st Pancrase Osaka match between Hiroyuke Abe and Daichi Kitakata.