PANCRASE 265 sets Kazuki Tokudome’s Japan return against Shooto Pac Rim Champ Yoshihiro Koyama

Pancrase 265 Kazuki Tokudome
Pancrase 265 Kazuki Tokudome

Pancrase 265 on March 15, 2015 is shaping up to be an impressive card, with the main event being Kazuki Tokudome’s first post-UFC match against Yoshiro Koyama.


The former Pancrase lightweight contender spent his last two years fighting in the UFC, where he went 1-3 and earned a Fight of the Night bonus in his bloody scrap with former ROAD FC Champ Nam Yui-Chul. Tokudome was a pleasure to watch in all of his UFC scraps, but the misfortune of being submitted by Johnny Case in the last UFC Japan put him on the chopping block.

Tokudome now returns to his former stomping grounds of Pancrase and will face Shooto Pacific Rim Champ Yoshihiro Koyama. Both Paraestra products will be vying for a chance at the current King’s titleholder ISAO Kobayashi, a rematch which Tokudome would certainly be slobbering for a revenge.


DEEP Champion Satoru Kitaoka will face Akira in the World Slam Lightweight Tournament Final. CORO Terashima is back against Masato Sannai. Yuki Kondo is still in the mix delivering KO madness and this time he’ll face former King Shingo Suzuki.

Top ten rankers “Shian” and Yusuke Ogikubo will meet to climb up the ladder. Former Flyweight King Mitsuhisa Sunabe faces Seiji Ozuka in a climb to return for a shot at Kiyotaka Shimizu’s strap.

At Pancrase 265, the 21st Neo-Blood Tournament will begin. 2014 Neo-Blood Tournament winner Juntaro Ushiku faces top ten ranked Takashi Matsuoka. The first ever Neo-Blood Tournament winner – from 1995 – Takafumi Itoh faces Koji Takeuchi, and both fighters are in their 40s!


Also announced, three foreign fighters will be making their debut in Pancrase. Canadian lightweight fighter Jesse “The Ghost” Gross with a 10-4 record is the first. Rangy welterweight striker Vyron Phillips of the US is the second. Third is TJ Laramie, a 17-year old stand out kick boxer who started MMA as a youth. He is a 3 time Grapplers Quest winner, 2 time runner up in All-Ontario Wrestling, and the Under-17 153-pound IKF Kickboxing World Champion. Canadian TJ is hailed as “The next GSP”.


Pancrase 265
March 15, 2015
Differ Ariake
Tokyo, Japan

Yoshihiro Koyama 児山佳宏 (パラエストラ松戸)
Kazuki Tokudome 徳留一樹 (パラエストラ八王子)

CORO Terashima (和術慧舟會TLIVE)
Masato Sannai 山内慎人 (GUTSMAN)

World Slam Lightweight Tournament Fina
Satoru Kitaoka 北岡悟 (ロータス世田谷)
アキラ (久我山ラスカルジム)

Yuki Kondo 有己空 (パンクラスism)
Shingo Suzuki 鈴木槙吾 (ALLIANCE)

Juntaro Ushiku 牛久絢太郎 (和術慧舟會TLIVE)
Takashi Matsuoka 松岡嵩志 (フリー)

Super Flyweight
Shian Hiroki Yamashita 獅庵 (パラエストラ大阪)
Yusuke Ogikubo 荻窪祐輔 (K-PLACE埼玉格闘技道場)

Mitsuhisa Sunabe 砂辺光久 (reversaL Gym OKINAWA CROSS×LINE)
Seiji Ozuka 小塚誠司 (FREEDOM@OZ)

Takafumi Itoh 伊藤崇文 (パンクラスism)
Koji Takeuchi 竹内幸司 (HLC)

Yuki Yamazaki 山崎悠輝 (パンクラス大阪 稲垣組)
Shunpei Ota 太田駿平 (ドン・キホーテ)

Jesse “The Ghost” Gross

Vyron Phillips

TJ Laramie