Pancrase 298 delivered KOs, grapple feats and a new Queen: Viviane Araujo

Queen of Pancrase Viviane Araujo, Akihito Tatematsu
Queen of Pancrase Viviane Araujo. Photo: Akihito Tatematsu.

Pancrase 298 took place on 4 August at Studio City in Tokyo, Japan and while two fights were pulled from the main card, the action on the remaining fourteen did not disappoint.

Viviane Araujo had the perfect game plan for grinder Emi Fujino. Araujo used her reach to keep Fujino at bay, and launched into her with combinations of teeps and right crosses.

Those punches landed over and over to Fujino’s face, from standing and on the ground, causing the referee to stop the bout for a doctor check several times.

In the very beginning of the third round, it was enough. Fujino’s left eye was completely closed and the fight was waived off. Araujo donned the beautiful Pancrase belt and thanked the Japanese audience for their support.

Loma Lookboonmee elbows Hana Date, Akihito Tatematsu
Loma Lookboonmee elbows Hana Date. Photo: Akihito Tatematsu.

In the co-main event of the night, top Thai prospect Loma Lookboonmee performed well beyond her experience level in her second MMA fight against Hana Date.

Lookboonmee sought the clinch, where she was able to toss Date to the ground, mount her, and rain down elbows almost uncontested. A cut opened up on Date’s left eyebrow and the referee allowed it into the second round, but when Lookboonmee’s elbows never ceased, he waived off the match. Lookboonmee is going to be an incredible threat in the women’s atomweight division.

King of Pancrase Yuki Niimura showed why he’s the champ with an enduring and blistering performance of hard combinations to Genpei Hayashi. The doctor stopped the match going into the third for swelling on Genpei’s head, and the score cards had Niimura as the winner. Ryo Hatta versus Marcus Amaral was a completely thrilling grappling match from two high level fighters.

Amaral wasn’t able to get any of his striking plan initiated as Hatta insisted on the shoot, and put it where he could work his magic, getting the tap to a guillotine in the second.

Ryo Hatta leglocks Marcus Amaral, by Akihito Tatematsu
Ryo Hatta leglocks Marcus Amaral. Photo: Akihito Tatematsu.

Yojiro Uchimura delivered a stunning head kick KO to Vitor Toffanelli halfway through the first round after both men exchanged hard punches and strikes. Yuta Sato and Juntaro Ushiku changed up the pace with a three round grappling battle, and it was Sato’s fantastic trips that won him the win on all the score cards.

Taiki Akiba made Yusuke Ogikubo pay for his tricks and showboating by stuffing a shoot and landing a crisp 1-2-3 combination for a first round TKO.

Tatsuyuki Nakamura did very well against the grinding pressure of Yuki Yasunaga, and landed well-timed powerful elbows and punches for the unanimous victory. Tenth-ranked strawweight Teppei Maeyama climbed over seventh-ranked Toshiya Takashima in a fun scramble that ended in a first round sleeper hold.

Top welterweight contender Hiroyuki Tetsuka spoiled the return of KAZZ Suzuki with brilliant combinations that earned a third round TKO, and a likely title shot rematch.

In the first of the opening matches, Takafumi Ato dropped Masahiro Miyazawa with a 15 second KO. Kento Mizutani grappled his way to the third round to get the tap to armbar by Kazuho Ikeda. Yohei Misawa stayed on a single leg to get the UD over Tatsuya Watanabe. Yukasa Sakurai stuffed almost every one of Kaneaki Watanabe’s single legs, punching his way to a UD.

Hiroki Tetsuka punches KAZZ, by Akihito Tatematsu
Hiroki Tetsuka punches KAZZ. Photo: Akihito Tatematsu.

Pancrase 298 results

Women’s Strawweight Title Match
Viviane Araujo def Emi Fujino by
TKO (doctor stoppage) at 0:19 of R3

Women’s Atomweight Match
Loma Lookboonmee def Hana Date
TKO (referee stoppage) at 4:32 of R2

Strawweight Match
Ryo Hatta def Marcus Amarau
Submission (guillotine) at 1:48 of R2

Middleweight Match
Yuki Niimura def Genpei Hayashi
Majority Decision 2:0

Flyweight Match
Taiki Akiba def Yusuke Ogikubo
TKO R1 3:40

Featherweight Match
Yuta Sato def Juntaro Ushiku
Unanimous Decision

Featherweight Match
Yojiro Uchimura def Vitor Toffanelli
KO (head kick) at 2:12 of R1

Welterweight Match
Hiroyuki Tetsuka def Toshikazu Suzuki

Strawweight Match
Teppei Maeyama def Toshiya Takashima
Submission (sleeper hold) at 4:29 of R1

Flyweight Match
Tatsuyuki Nakamura def Yuki Yasunaga
Unanimous Decision

Featherweight Match
Yukasa Sakurai def Kaneaki Watanabe
Unanimous Decision

Flyweight Match
Yohei Misawa def Tatsuya Watanabe by Unanimous Decision

Flyweight Match
Kento Mizutani vs Kazuho Ikeda
Submission (armbar) at 0:23 of R3

Strawweight Match
Takafumi Ato def Masahiro Miyazawa
KO, at 0:15 of R1


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