Taichi Nakajima triumphs at Pancrase 299, Neoblood Tournament results

Pancrase 299 Taichi Nakajima
Taichi Nakajima faces Issei Tamura. Photo by Ryuto.

At Pancrase 299, Taichi Nakajima made a successful return to fighting in Japan, and three divisions of Neoblood Tournaments crowned the winners.

In the main event, former featherweight King of Pancrase Issei Tamura welcomed Taichi Nakajima back to Japan with a brutal first round of connecting punches and pressure to the cage. Nakajima got smart in the second and put the pressure on, over and over. The third was a dogfight with trip volleys, punches and cage wrestling, and Nakajima stole the unanimous decision with just a little more control and a final takedown and pounding.

Ayaka Miura put another arm in her closet against a game Cris Macfer. Miura insisted on the clinch game, got the takedown, and took the arm for a tap.

Pancrase 299 Taiyo Hayashi
Taiyo Hayashi chokes Joao Saldanha at Pancrase 299. Photo by Ryuto.

Taiyo Hayashi and Joao Pedro Saldanha put on a fantastic first round of back and forth striking, takedowns and groundwork. The second round saw Hayashi turn around a back choke attempt to clearly hurt Saldanha with punches on the ground. The third round saw Saldanha clearly hurt and Hayashi dominated for the TKO finish.

Shoshi Tomita did all his best work against the cage and steamrolled Kazunari Kimura to a unanimous decision. In the few stand up clashes, Tomita’s kicks looked good, but he did not want to stand in front of Kiura’s punches and that was his key to victory.

Kazuma Maruyama was able to finally negate the judo and wrestling of Kyohei Wakimoto in the third round, and after a grueling bout and loads of punches thrown at Wakimoto’s face, the referee waived off the match and raised Maruyama’s hand for the win.

Pancrase 299 Yuichi OhashiPancrase 299 Yuichi Ohashi
2018 Neoblood bantamweight winner Yuichi Ohashi kicks Yuma Nomura at Pancrase 299. Photo by Ryuto.

The 2018 Neoblood Tournament finals did not disappoint. At flyweight, Chihiro Suzuki earned the decision over Kohei Sugiyama in an extremely fun and scrappy match. At bantamweight, Yuichi Ohashi narrowly won the decision on all scorecards over Yuma Nomura. The show stopper of this year’s Tournament was at featherweight; Shinsuke Kamei double-tapped Darani Date on the chin for a first round KO.

Pancrase 299
9 September 8
Tokyo, Japan

#15 Featherweight
Taichi Nakajima def Issei Tamura by UD

#14 Women’s Strawweight
Ayaka Miura def Cris Macfer by submission, armlock R1 3:20

#13 Bantamweight
Taiyo Hayashi def Joao Pedro Saldanha by TKO, R3

#12 Lightweight
Yutaka Kobayashi def Hiroshi Takahashi by UD

#11 Featherweight
Shoshi Tomita def Kazunari Kimura by UD

#10 Welterweight
Kazuma Maruyama def Kyohei Wakimoto by TKO, R3 1:41

#9 Neoblood Featherweight Final
Shinsuke Kamei def Darani Date by KO, R1

#8 Neoblood Bantamweight Tournament Final
Yuichi Ohashi def Yuma Nomura by UD

#7 Neoblood Flyweight Tournament Final
Chihiro Suzuki def Kohei Sugiyama by UD

#6 Lightweight
Kosuke Kindaichi def Atsushi Ueda by TKO, R2

#5 Featherweight
Hanbyo Oniyama def Yota Tatsunaru by TKO, R2

#4 Featherweight
Yasutaka Kato def Kota Matsui by Split Decision

#3 Bantamweight
Mitsuhiro Takagi def Shigeki Iijima, TKO, injury, ankle dislocations, R3

#2 Bantamweight
Yusei Tashiro def Seio Date by Unanimous Decision

#1 Bantamweight
Nobuhisa Kudo def Ryosuke Takasugi by submission, rnc, R1 1:19

Pancrase 299 Shoshi Tomita
Shoshi Tomita elbows Kazunari Kimura at Pancrase 299. Photo by Ryuto.


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