PANCRASE announces 20th NeoBlood Flyweight Tournament for Bayside Fight 3 on April 20



Pancrase is getting in on the latest world-wide flyweight craze with an eight-man tournament on the next Bayside Fight event. The tournament will be the start of the 20th NeoBlood Tournament.

Bayside Fight 3 will take place on April 20, 2014. The series was launched in 2013 as Pancrase expanded its operations and rule structure to a more globally oriented one, and thus takes place in a cage. Now the young bloods will start off their careers in this fashion as the 20th NeoBlood Tournament kicks off. The following are this tournament’s participants:

Bayside Fight 3
April 20, 2014
Tokyo, Japan

Suguru Hayasaka 早坂優瑠 (CORE)
Keisuke Tamaru 田丸慶輔 (宇留野道場/ハイブリッドファイター)
Kento Kanbe 神部建斗(ALLIANCE)
Daiki Yamaishi 山石 大樹(ALIVE)
Hironobu Otsu 大津ヒロノブ(和術慧舟會GODS)
Senzo Ikeda 池田 仙三 (FREEDOM@OZ)
Matsuo Takeshi 松尾剛 (ハイブリッドレスリング鹿児島)
Final participant still being considered