PANCRASE announces Bayside Fight 2 for NYE 2013



Pancrase held a press conference today and announced the second installment of its new cage series called “Bayside Fight 2” for New Years Eve, December 31, 2013.

As with Bayside Fight 1, North American ‘Unified rules’ will be the format of competition, and both pro and amateur fighters will have the opportunity to gain cage experience. In addition, this event is going to invite American soldiers in Japan to join in the tournament. Bayside Fight 2 will remain at the Yokohama Bayside Entertainment Complex.

Pancrase CEO Sakai Masakazu commented “Every year 2,500 people gather at Bayside for the New Year’s Eve countdown. Approximately 40% of them are foreign tourists.” Sakai expressed that a USA versus Japan format would be an exciting show.

Further details about the event will be released soon.