If that event title doesn’t speak volumes, nothing does. Yuki Kondo made his professional debut in 1996 at Pancrase – Truth 1 against Takafumi Ito, on a card that also featured Ken AND Frank Shamrock, Masakatsu Funaki, Jason Delucia, and Guy Mezger. With 53 wins, 27 losses, and 8 draws, there aren’t many welterweights Kondo hasn’t faced in his career. On November 10th, he’ll face another Japanese MMA stalwart, Kosei Kubota, 26-35-16. Almost half of Kubota’s fights have gone to decision and under Pancrase, that’s where the high draw numbers fill in. Both men have had a tough go in the last couple of years, but Kubota’s coming off a fresh win recently over Hiroki Nagaoka whereas Kondo’s last outing saw him submit to a very promising up and comer Kenji Nagaki.

After Pancrase changed their weight categories, things got a little confusing.  Flyweight Champion Kiyotaka Shimizu was moved down a division to be Super Flyweight King of Pancrase. Now, defending the incredibly gorgeous Flyweight hunk of steel samurai-inspired strapping will be current Flyweight and former Super Flyweight KOP Mitsuhisa Sunabe.  Earning a shot at the belt is Masakazu Utsugi, while at only 5-3-2, has seen every win as a TKO or submission.

Another lifelong Japanese MMA staple  Atsushi Yamamoto will make his way back to the ring after a layoff  of over a year.  During the DREAM 2011 Bantamweight Tournament he lost in the final to Hideo Tokoro.  Previous to that run at the belt, he’d had a lengthy layoff as well.  Yamamoto faces Pancraseist Yasutaka Koga,  who has been competing professionally only since the beginning of 2012, and is undefeated across an active 5 fights.  In keeping with the same theme, old hand Masaya “J-Taro” Takita will enter the ring carried by his sequined fundoshi-wrapped servants to take on 23-year old Taichi Nakajima.

Pancrase Progress Tour 12: All Eyes on Yuki Kondo
November 10, 2012
Differ Ariake, Tokyo, Japan

フライ級 キング・オブ・パンクラス・タイトルマッチ Flyweight King of Pancrase 5分3R
砂辺光久(TEAM reversaL/王者)Mitsuhisa Sunabe versus Masakazu Utsugi 宇津木正和(パラエストラ古河/1位)

フェザー級 5分3R
高藤正和(高田道場/3位)Masakazu Takafuji versus Harada Nobuyoshi 原田惟紘(パラエストラ北九州/2012年ネオブラッドトーナメント同級優勝)

バンタム級 5分3R
滝田J太郎(和術慧舟會東京道場/10位)Masaya Takita versus Taichi Nakajima 中島太一(パラエストラ東京/2012年ネオブラッドトーナメント同級優勝)

スーパーフライ級 5分3R
山本 篤(KRAZY BEE)Atsushi Yamamoto versus Yasutaka Koga 古賀靖隆(ロータス世田谷/2012年ネオブラッドトーナメント同級優勝)

フライ級 5分3R
阿部博之(ドラゴンテイルジム/2位)Abe Hiroyuki versus Takamasa Kiuchi 木内崇雅(和術慧舟會GODS/2012年ネオブラッドトーナメント同級優勝)

ウェルター級 5分2R
近藤有己(パンクラスism)YUKI KONDO versus KOSEI KUBOTA 窪田幸生(坂口道場 一族)

ライト級 5分2R
平山敬悟(パラエストラ八王子)Hirayama Kei Satoru versus TOSHI(マッハ道場)


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