PANCRASE276 Results: New Champion Murayama!




Place:Differ Ariake
Start:15:00 / End:18:45

PANCRASE276 took place on 13th Mar 2016 at FULL HOUSE of Differ Ariake.

Welter-Weight KOP Suzuki had his 1st match to defend his belt and the long time wanting a title-shot #1- ranked fighter Murayama won over Suzuki a year ago. After their powerful and technical fight Murayama got the belt. Good fight.

Fly-Weight-182cm-tall-Japanese killer  Rildeci Lima Dias from Brazil met Japanese tricky and clever fighter Yasunaga from very-early-day-SHOOTO fighter Noboru Asahi‘s gym. Yasunaga controlled their distance very well and he won and stopped Dias‘s 2-winning in a row to Japanese fighters. PANCRASE released Yasunaga will have a fight with Ryuichi Miki.

“Mr.10 Second” Tetsuka (He made 2-TKOs in 10 second at his 2 debut fights!)  met former UFC Fighter Luiz Jorge Durta. Both threw very heavy punches each other. Very Tough and Impressive fight.


PANCRASE has its DRINK company (PANCREAS ENERGY and PANCRASE released that they got the RIGHTS to use the character “GARO” (牙狼:the fang of wolves) and will release canned coffee with the character “GARO” for PACHINKO-Players.



“GARO” entered the PANCRASE’s Decagon.


Main Event (5min x 5R) Welter-Weight KING OF PANCRASE Title Match
Akihiro Murayama(GUTSMAN) VS Shingo Suzuki(ALLIANCE:Champion)
Murayama won by by TKO at 4R 3’33”.

10-1 OK

10-2 OK

10-3 OK

10-4 OK

10-5 OK

10-6 OK

10-7 OK

10-8 OK

10-9 OK

10-10 OK

10-11 OK


Semi Final (5min x 3R)
Yuki Yasunaga(Tokyo Yellowmans) VS Rildeci Lima Dias (NALDAO TEAM:BRAZIL)
Yasunaga won by 3-0/Decision.

9-1 OK

9-2 OK

9-3 OK

9-4 OK

9-5 OK

9-6 OK

9-7 OK

9-8 OK

8th Fight (5min x 3R)
Luiz Jorge Durta(Renovacao fight team:BRAZIL) VS Hiroyuki Tetsuka(Hybrid Wrestling Yamada-Dojo)
Luiz won by 3-0/Decision.

8-1 OK

8-2 OK

8-3 OK

8-4 OK

8-5 OK

8-6 OK

8-7 OK

8-8 OK

8-9 OK

7th Fight (5min x 3R)
Rafael Silva(ASTRA FIGHT TEAM:BRAZIL) VS Convoy Masumizu(Free)
Luiz won by Choke with Shoulder at 1R 2’58”.

7-1 OK

7-2 OK

7-3 OK

7-4 OK

7-5 OK

6th Fight (5min x 3R)
Daichi Kitakata(PANCRASE Osaka Inagaki-Gumi) VS Shinya Murofushi(SUBMIT MMA)
Kitakata won by 3-0/Decision.

6-1 OK

6-2 OK

6-3 OK

6-4 OK

6-5 OK

5th Fight (3min x 3R)
Hidekazu Fukushima(BLOWS) VS Daiki Gojima(GUTSMAN)
Luiz won by 3-0/Decision.

5-1 OK

5-2 OK

5-3 OK

5-4 OK

5-5 OK

4th Fight (3min x 3R)
Tadahiro Harada(PARAESTRA Kita-Kyushu) VS Shunichi Shimizu(Uruno-Dojo/HF)
Harada won by Armbar with Triangle-Chole at 2R 2’10”.

4-1 OK

4-2 OK

4-3 OK

4-4 OK

4-5 OK

3rd Fight (3min x 3R)
TSUNE(Reversal Gym Shinjyuku Me,We) VS Yuki Baba(Rodeo Style)
TSUNE won by KO at 1R 0’29”.

3-1 OK

3-2 OK

3-3 OK

2nd Fight (3min x 3R)
Little(GUTSMAN) VS Mitani Toshio(Sougo-Kakutogi Dojo Cobra-Kai)
Luiz won by 3-0/Decision.

2-1 OK

2-2 OK

2-3 OK

2-4 OK

2-5 OK

1st Fight (3min x 3R)
Atsushi Ueda(Koppo Ugo-Kai YanoTakumi-Dojo) VS Akihito Hara(Sakaguchi Dojo Ichizoku)
Ueda won by 3-0/Decision.

1-1 OK

1-2 OK

1-3 OK

1-4 OK

1-5 OK