REAL 1: Real Fight Championship sets Kron Gracie debut in Japan on December 23rd

REAL 1,  courtesy Kinya Hashimoto, Jiujitsu Priest
REAL 1, courtesy Kinya Hashimoto, Jiujitsu Priest

Real Fight Championship will host REAL 1 on December 23, 2014 at the Ariake Coliseum. Kron Gracie will make his MMA debut, and well-known Japanese fighters also appear.


Back in May, China-based, Japanese-managed Real Fight held a presser to announce their foray into the Japanese market. The biggest card placement would be Kron Gracie making his MMA debut against a Japanese opponent, and later Gabi Garcia confirmed her attendance.

Besides the two international superstar grapplers, reigning Real Fight Champ Marcos DeSouza will face Kenta Takagi for the Welterweight strap. DeSouza’s brother Roberto Satoshi will also be on the card and will face decade-long journeyman Jeong Doo-Jae.

Sanae Kikuta will once again step into action against an upcoming Chinese fighter Song Kenan. Kazuyuki Miyata, Taiyo Nakahara, and Megumi Yabushita have also been signed to compete against opponents to be announced later.

There will be thirteen fights in all for the year-end card.

Real Fight has hosted three events in China over 2012 and ’13. The DeSouza brothers made their MMA debuts with the promotion. Chinese standout UFC TUF veterans Zhang LiPeng and Yang JianPing also have been featured.  Real Fight also stated earlier at the May presser that it would be opening up amateur opportunities and rules for special matches. The first event of 3-4 planned will be in the Kanto region, in front of an audience in the range of 5,000 to 10,000. Future circuits in China and Korea are also being considered.


December 23, 2014
Ariake Coliseum
Tokyo, Japan

Kron Gracie vs TBA

Welterweight Championship
Marcos DeSouza vs Kenta Takagi 高木健太

Light Welterweight(-74.2kg)
Roberto Satoshi DeSouza サトシ・ソウザ vs Jeong Doo-Jae

Sanae Kikuta 菊田早苗 vs Song KeNan

Kazuyuki Miyata 宮田和幸 vs TBA Kazakhstan opponent

Taiyo Nakahara vs TBA

Gabi Garcia vs TBA

Megumi Yabushita 藪下めぐみら vs TBA

Carlos Toyota vs TBA


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