REAL FC 1 weigh in results and photos for Kron Gracie vs Kim Hyung-Su, Marcos deSouza title defense

REAL 1 Kim Hyung-Su vs Kron Gracie
REAL 1 Kim Hyung-Su vs Kron Gracie

REAL 1 takes place on December 23, 2014 at the Ariake Coliseum in Tokyo. In the main event, champion grappler Kron Gracie will make his MMA debut against wrestler Kim Hyung-Su.

This card features an intriguing display of great regional BJJ talent, plus players from China finally getting a shot in the Japanese market.

At the time of weigh ins, several fighters didn’t make the first go round, but an extension period and/or negotiations was said to make most of them happen. One match in question was Taiyo Nakahara versus Ya Honggang, as Yao was not at the weigh ins and said to be 7 kilos over at the time. This fight will not happen on this card.

Welterweight Champ Marcos DeSouza, fresh off a special Metamoris 5 grappling match with Jake Shields, will face Kenta Takagi in his first title defense. DeSouza’s brother Roberto Satoshi will also be on the card and will face decade-long journeyman Jeong Doo-Jae.

Kazuyuki Miyata is going to face Askar Umbetov, who will have a one point deduction from each round and lose some fight money for coming in over. Big men Carlos Toyota and Daiju Takase had no such problem. Hideki Sekine and Kono Ryuta round out the Super Heavyweights, and will weigh in on the day of the event.

Sanae Kikuta will once again step into action against an upcoming Chinese fighter Song Kenan.

More Japan versus Kazakhstan action sees Toshikazu Suzuki “Kazz” take on Baurzhan Kuanyshbayev and Ishihara Yuki face Beibit Nazarov, who missed on the first go bat passed later.

Real Fight has hosted three events in China over 2012 and ’13. This is the promotion’s debut event in Japan.

There is no live stream or broadcast announcement for this event. Asia MMA will be live on scene with play by plays and results throughout the day.

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REAL 1 weigh in results
December 22, 2014
Ariake Coliseum
Tokyo, Japan

#11 – Main Event 73kg Catchweight 5 minutes x 5 rounds
Kron Gracie (72.9 kg)
Kim Hyung-Su (72.2 kg)

#10 – Welterweight Championship 5 minutes x 3 rounds
Marcos Souza (77.55 kg)
Keita Takagi 高木健太 (77.35 kg)

#9 – Super Welterweight 5 x 2 rounds
Kikuta Sanae 菊田早苗 (80.9 kg)
Song Kenan (80.4 kg)

#8 – Super Heavyweight
Hideki “Shrek” Sekine 関根シュレック秀樹 (event day weigh in)
Kono Ryuta 河野隆太 (event day weigh in)

#7 – Featherweight
Kazuyuki Miyata 宮田和幸 (66 kg)
Askar Umbetov (66.75 kg)

#6 – Super Lightweight
Roberto Satoshi de Souza (73.75 kg)
Jeong Doo-Ja (71.9 kg)

#5 – Bantamweight
Taiyo Nakahara 中原太陽 (61.5 kg)
Yao Honggang (TBA – over 7 kg at time of weigh in)
* Fight cancelled

#4 – Open Weight
Daiju Takase 高瀬大樹 (100.25)
Carlos Toyota (108.25 kg)

#3 – Welterweight
Toshikazu “Kazz” Suzuki (77.15 kg)
Baurzhan Kuanyshbayev (77.05)

#2 – Super Lightweight
Yuki Ishihara 石原裕基 (73.95 kg)
Beibit Nazarov (74.2 kg)

#1 – Lightweight
Yuki Sorci (69.85 kg)
Takayuki Iizima 飯嶋貴幸 (69.4 kg)