REAL FIGHT heads to Japan, Kron Gracie to make MMA debut

Founder Yamada, Kron and Rickson Gracie, courtesy GONG Twitter.
Founder Yamada, Kron and Rickson Gracie, courtesy @GONG_KAKUTOGI Twitter.

REAL FIGHT Championship, based in China, has announced during a presser today that it will be holding an event in Japan at the latter part of 2014. Kron Gracie will make his MMA debut against a Japanese opponent.

Real Fight has hosted three events in China over 2012 and ’13. Japanese-Brazilian jiujitsu fighters Marcos Souza and brother Roberto Satoshi have made their MMA debuts with the promotion. Chinese standout UFC TUF veterans Zhang LiPeng and Yang JianPing also have been featured.

Real Fight stated it will be opening up amateur opportunities and rules for special matches. The first event of 3-4 planned will be in the Kanto region, in front of an audience in the range of 5,000 to 10,000. Future circuits in China and Korea are also being considered.  Genki Sudo will be a producer.

Previously, Gabi Garcia stated that she will also be making her debut with the promotion.


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