RINGS’ Akira Maeda cashes in on the New Years Eve action with a Differ Ariake event

RINGS Akira Maeda New Years Eve 2014
RINGS Akira Maeda New Years Eve 2014

Fighting Network RINGS, promoter of the current The Outsider events, has announced on its website that Founder Akira Maeda will be hosting an event on December 31, 2014 at the Differ Ariake Arena in Tokyo, Japan.


The event will commemorate his 45 year career and will start at 1pm. More details will be announced this coming Friday, November 21st. It appears that it may not be a traditional fighting event.

The headline is emblazoned with “Touch Akira Maeda”, for whatever that’s worth.

There are already two other events on New Years Eve this year, as DEEP gets in on the action with DEEP Dream Impact, and goes head to head with Inoki’s Bom Ba Ye 2014.


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