RINGS announces Kazuyuki Miyata, Keisuke Fujiwara against Kazakhstan opponents

Since relaunching the RINGS series with “Reincarnation” in March this year, Akira Maeda has been on the hunt to snap up international prospects and the remaining Japanese elite fighters to bring the promotion back into the spotlight, aside from the Outsiders series.  The first fights made for the Volume 2 card to be held on September 23rd have been announced as Kazuyuki Miyata versus Erzan Estanov and Keisuke Fujiwara versus Aslan Toktarbaev.

The announcement of “Little Hercules” Miyata to the card comes in timely fashion with the London Summer Olympics as he himself is a veteran of the 2000 Games in Sydney, competing for Japan in Freestyle Wrestling and taking 13th overall.  Miyata then became a staple of the K-1 Hero’s promotion and eventually on to be the DREAM Featherweight Championship contender, known by his signature suplex.  Miyata’s last fight was a crushing at the 2011 New Years Eve’s Genki Desu Ka (DREAM) event by Tatsuya Kawajiri.  Like so many other stellar JMMA players, not much has been on offering this year outside of a retreat to DEEP or a chance in ONE FC, so RINGS promises a possible career restart for him.

Miyata’s opponent, Erzan Estanov, started his career in Russia last year with three back to back wins (two in a one night tournament) all by submission.  His first taste of a Japanese opponent was when the Bushido promotion in Kazakhstan went ball-busters and brought over the epic ZST veteran Shunichi Shimizu to face him.

Like Shimizu, Fujiwara has found blazing success in the ZST promotion as the Bantamweight Champion, but not fared so well when he’s dipped his feet in the DREAM pool.  Incidentally he’s fought Shimizu and his brother twice each and come out undefeated.  His Kazakhstan opponent is Aslan Toktarbaev who’s riding a 3 win streak in his burgeoning career, but hasn’t yet come close to touching a player the quality of Fujiwara.


RINGS Volume 2
September 23, 2012
Tokyo, Japan

Kazuyuki Miyata versus Erzan Estanov
Keisuke Fujiwara versus Asian Toktarvaev



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