RINGS is hosting its come back sophomore event this coming September 23rd with Vol. 2 ~ CONQUISTO at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan. The decade-dormant promotion once was a premier maker of champions like Fedor and Minotauro, and held the epic King of Kings open weight tournaments. Akira Maeda’s bid to bring back an international playing field to Japan sees several entrants from the recent Bushido Lithuania Vol. 51 card in Kazakhstan, which was noted as another stop on Bob Sapp’s Asia tour.

Headlining RINGS Vol. 2 is suplex fanatic Kazuyuki Miyata who last fought and lost to Tatsuya Kawajiri on the Genki Desu Ka Japan New Year’s eve mega-event last year. Hopefully RINGS will get him the home he needs since Japan’s fizzling out of super promotions has left JMMA mainstays out in the cold. He’ll be taking on 4-1 Erzan Estanov who lost to Shinichi Shimizu in the co-main event of the above-mentioned Bushido card. In six degrees of separation, ZST mainstay Keisuke Fujiwara, who took Shimizu to a 5-round decision win to become the ZST Bantamweight Champion, will take on Kazakhstan opponent and another Bushido 51 card veteran Aslan Toktarbaev, who’s riding a 3 win streak in his burgeoning career. However, Toktarbaev hasn’t come close to touching a player the quality of Fujiwara.

Social butterfly Shungo Oyama, who has flittered back and forth through nearly every major promotion in Asia, found himself in luck as the ROAD FC Middleweight tournament winner, then moved on to Pancrase and got soccer kicked into oblivion by Ryo Kawamura. He’ll be facing a relative rookie from the Bushido 51 card, Kazakhstan’s Asif Tagiev.

Elsewhere on the card, things get more competitive. Departing from the foreign invasion is Vitali Krat, who got his start in the RINGS amateur level promotion The Outsider and progressed within the network to be making his third pro appearance at Vol. 2. The unbeaten Russian will meet fellow The Outsider Champion Ryo Ryo, also unbeaten.

Kleber Koike Erbst, DEEP, HEAT, and ZST vet and riding a 5-fight winning streak, will meet The Outsider warhorse Teppei Hori. Sengoku veteran Sotaro Yamada will face Yoshinori Takahasi, absent since losing the in the final of the single-night DEEP Future King Tournament 2010. Another The Outsider stalwart, Tatsuya Watanabe is matched up against ZST and RINGS young gun Daiki Miyamoto.

RINGS Vol. 2

September 23, 2012

Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan


高橋圭典  Keisuke Fujiwara versus Aslan Toktarbaev

大山峻護  Shungo Oyama versus Asif Tagiev

Ryo選手  Ryo Ryo versus Vitali Krat

堀鉄平  Teppei Hori versus Kleber Koike Erbst

山田聡太郎  Sotaro Yamada versus Yoshinori Takahashi  高橋義典

渡辺竜也  Tatsuya Watanabe versus Daiki Miyamoto  宮本大輝

菱沼 郷 Go Hishinuma versus Yuki Mogi 茂木 優樹 (体重Limit 77.0kg以下契約) CHANGED TO: 菱沼 郷 Go Hishinuma versus Fumiya Hashimoto 橋本 郁弥(体重Limit 79.0kg以下契約)

Kenshin Hirokawa versus Shintaro Agatsuma – CHANGED TO:  福田隆人  Fukuda Takahito versus Shintaro Agatsuma

Ginji Koyata versus Yuki Saito

Kazuki Otsuka versus Hiroki Fujimoto


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