RIZIN NYE 2015 : ALL Fight Cards are set.


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Yesterday the last fight card was announced and finally ALL Fight Cards are set for RIZIN 2-days NYE event.

On the first day (29th Dec) the event sub-named “SARABA (Farewell) Fiesta” will be held. RIZIN FF says this will be a day which history of Japanese-MMA scene “to CLOSE” (SARABA means Good-Bye with strong saying). They will create the atmosphere with music and directions once used before (means “PRIDE-era”?) and this event will be a compilation of the past (PRIDE?) events.

On the 2nd day (31st Dec) the event sub-named “IZA (Takeoff) Saltation” will be held. RIZIN FF says this will be a day which will “OPEN the DOOR for future” with special direction no one never seen before on past MMA history. New Japanese MMA history will start with saying “IZA (Let’s start from NOW!)” from the last day of 2015.

On 30th Dec. RIZIN FF will be held many MMA-related events named “Martial Arts EXPO” (I think it’s like a UFC Fan EXPO.). It’s for free… includes amateur MMA fights (RIZIN FF amateur challenge 1st), Martial Arts MUSEUM (displaying real-once-used gloves and champion belts etc…) and the weigh-in for “IZA (Takeoff) Saltation” (It will start from 3PM).

In their poster there are words…”Somebody’s Setting Sun is Somebody’s Rising Sun” (on up-side and blue area) , “Fighters taking over” (on down-side and red area) and “The day the map of STRENGTH will change” , ”Winner is champion and Loser is also champion” (on white for RIZIN GRAND PRIX Tournament). These words…catch-copy… are created with the sense of PRIDE-era. I can really FEEL and SMELL it as a long-time PRIDE fan.

It’s WORTH TO WATCH and TAKE PART IN for all MMA fans all over the world!



SARABA(Farewell) Fiesta. (on 29 Dec 2015)
URL: http://www.rizinff.com/saraba/en/

<Scheduled Fights – RED CORNER/BLUE CORNER>
Main Event (Special One Match)
Kazushi Sakuraba VS Shinya Aoki

13th Fight (as RIZIN Tournament 1st Round)
Satoshi Ishii VS Jiri Prochazka

12th Fight (as RIZIN Tournament 1st Round)
Goran Reljic VS Vadim Nemkov

11th Fight (as RIZIN Tournament 1st Round)
Teodoras Aukstuolis VS Bruno Cappelozza

10th Fight (as RIZIN Tournament 1st Round)
King Mo VS Brett McDermott

9th Fight (as RIZIN Tournament 1st Round-Reserve Fight)
Yuta Uchida VS Valentin Moldavsky

8th Fight (Special One Match)
Hiroyuki Takaya VS DJ.Taiki

7th Fight (Special One Match)
Hideo Tokoro VS Kizaemon Saiga

6th Fight (Special One Match)
A.J.Matthews VS Anatoly Tokov

5th Fight (Special One Match – under RIZIN MIX Rule)
Kazuyuki Miyata VS Hinata

4th Fight (Special One Match – under K-1 Rule)
HIROYA VS Akiyo “Wicky” Nishiura

3rd Fight (Special One Match)
Yuki Motoya VS Felipe Efrain

2nd Fight (Special One Match)
Carlos Toyota VS Kirill Sidelnikov

1st Fight (Special One Match)
Tsuyoshi Kosaka VS James Thompson

IZA(Takeoff) Saltation. (on 31 Dec 2015)
URL: http://www.rizinff.com/iza/en/
<Scheduled Fights – RED CORNER/BLUE CORNER>

13th Fight (as RIZIN Tournament FINAL)

12th Fight (Special One Match)
Fedor EmelianenkoVS Singh “HEART” Jaideep

11th Fight (as RIZIN Tournament1st Round)
Kron Gracie VS Asen Yamamoto

10th Fight (Special One Match)
Jerome Le Banner VS Baruto

9th Fight (Special One Match)
Andy Souwer VS Yuichiro Nagashima

8th Fight (Special One Match – under ShootBoxing Rule)
Taro Akebono VS Bob Sapp

7th Fight (Special One Match)
Gabi Garcia VS Lei’D Tapa

6th Fight (Special One Match)
Soo Chul Kim VS Maike Linhares

5th Fight (Special One Match – under K-1 Rule)
Takeru VS Yang Ming

4th Fight (Special One Match)
Ken Hasegawa VS Brennan Ward

3rd Fight (Tournament Semi-Final)

2nd Fight (Tournament Semi-Final)

1st Fight (Special One Match)
RENA VS Jleana Valentino


PRIDE Glove Sakakibara-san signed
PRIDE GLOVES Sakakibara-san signed.(my treasure)