RIZIN : Weigh-in Results for “SARABA (Farewell) Fiesta”


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IMG_8381 Sakakibara-san

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RIZIN Weigh-in for “SARABA (Farewell) Fiesta”
Place:Hotel Sunroute Plaza 1F “Fuyo”

SARABA (Farewell) Fiesta. (on 29 Dec 2015)
URL: http://www.rizinff.com/saraba/en/

Today the weigh-in event for RIZIN first event “SARABA (Farewell) Fiesta” was held in Shinjuku, Tokyo and many press-person gathered from all over the world. Very HOT inside with heated atmosphere and the expectation something new and special (but bitter sweet a little bit with 8 years absence) will be born soon!

2 fighters…DJ Taiki (by 200g) and Felipe Efrain (by 1.1kg) were over-weighted and they should cut down to the limit within 4 hours.(DJ Taiki could cut down in time. According to RIZIN official HP on PM8)


<Weigh-in Results>

Main Event (Special One Match)
Kazushi Sakuraba (77.6kg) VS Shinya Aoki (77kg)

IMG_7659 Sakuraba

IMG_7682 Aoki

IMG_7718 Sakuraba VS Aoki

13th Fight (as RIZIN Tournament 1st Round)
Satoshi Ishii (99.5kg) VS Jiri Prochazka (96.0kg)

IMG_8269 Ishii

IMG_8296 Prochazka

IMG_8332 Ishii VS Prochazka

12th Fight (as RIZIN Tournament 1st Round)
Goran Reljic (97.5kg) VS Vadim Nemkov (99.6kg)

IMG_8222 Reljic

IMG_8231 Nemkov

IMG_8251 Nemkov VS Reljic

11th Fight (as RIZIN Tournament 1st Round)
Teodoras Aukstuolis (98.0kg) VS Bruno Cappelozza (99.0kg)

IMG_8170 Aukstuolis

IMG_8182 Cappelozza

IMG_8206 Aukstuolis  VS Cappelozza

10th Fight (as RIZIN Tournament 1st Round)
King Mo (97.0kg) VS Brett McDermott (97.5kg)

IMG_8102 King

IMG_8129 McDermott

IMG_8161 King VS McDermott

9th Fight (as RIZIN Tournament 1st Round-Reserve Fight)
Yuta Uchida (95.0kg) VS Valentin Moldavsky (97.5kg)

IMG_8055 Uchida

IMG_8067 Moldavsky

IMG_8081 Uchida VS Moldavsky

8th Fight (Special One Match)
Hiroyuki Takaya (65.0kg) VS DJ.Taiki (65.2kg)

IMG_7726 Takaya

IMG_7755 DJ

IMG_7781 DJ VS Takaya

7th Fight (Special One Match)
Hideo Tokoro (61.3kg) VS Kizaemon Saiga (61.7kg)

IMG_7788 Tokoro

IMG_7803 Saiga

IMG_7831 Saiga VS Tokoro

6th Fight (Special One Match)
A.J.Matthews (83.5kg) VS Anatoly Tokov (83.8kg)

IMG_7842 Matthews

IMG_7849 Tokov

IMG_7861 Matthews VS Tokov

5th Fight (Special One Match – under RIZIN MIX Rule)
Kazuyuki Miyata (69.0kg) VS Hinata (70.0kg)

IMG_7879 Miyata

IMG_7885 Hinata

IMG_7907 Miyata VS Hinata

4th Fight (Special One Match – under K-1 Rule)
HIROYA (65.0kg) VS Akiyo “Wicky” Nishiura (65.0kg)


IMG_7924 Wicky

IMG_7943 Wicky VS HIROYA

3rd Fight (Special One Match)
Yuki Motoya (56.8kg) VS Felipe Efrain (58.1kg)

IMG_7948 Motoya

IMG_7956 Efrain

IMG_7973 Motoya VS Efrain

2nd Fight (Special One Match)
Carlos Toyota (117.6kg) VS Kirill Sidelnikov (114.9kg)

IMG_7984 Toyota

IMG_7988 Sidelnikov

IMG_8002 Toyota VS Sidelnikov

1st Fight (Special One Match)
Tsuyoshi Kosaka (100.0kg) VS James Thompson (132.3kg)

IMG_8014 Kosaka

IMG_8027 Tompson

IMG_8044 Kosaka VS Tompson

IMG_8502 RIZIN Glove
RIZIN Glove (I didn’t touch it but maybe the same as PRIDE’s one.)