Road to UFC: Japan Episode 2 recap: Josh Barnett and Roy Nelson pick teams



Road to UFC: Japan
Road to UFC: Japan

The second installment of “Road to UFC: Japan” aired on TV Tokyo on July 13, 2015.

John Barnett and Roy Nelson were introduced as the coaches for the series, and right away they divided the group up and began putting them through some skills assessment tests.

Josh got Yashabo, and he asked his about his nickname. Then he asked about Wicky’s art and if he still fought with no guard up; Wicky laughed and said yes. Then Josh complimented DJ.taiki on his matches in DEEP.

Roy took aside Hitora and asked him who he thought would be in the finals, and he thought Wicky. DJ thought Hirota. Yashabo thought Ando. Roy explained that his reason for asking was psychological; it would tell about who they wouldn’t want to fight.

Road to UFC: Japan
Road to UFC: Japan

Roy asked for wrestling drills next. Ando impressed him because of his eagerness to learn. Roy asked for 100% in takedown drills and Tyson dumped Uesako on his shoulder just like Tokoro got it on NYE from Yusup Saadulaev on NYE 2011; everything came to a halt. Uesako waited outside the cage as the others kept on with the drills, but after ice and assessment, it was clear that he was not able to continue drilling.

Road to UFC: Japan
Road to UFC: Japan

Roy and Josh flipped a coin and Josh got first pick. Josh’s first pick was Tyson. Second was Wicky. Third was DJ.taiki. Last was Yashabo.

Roy picked Ando. Second was Hirota. Third was Nagakura. Last was Uesako, who said he still could go on.

Nelson pairs up Ando with Yashabo for the first fight.

Next Josh sets Hirota versus Tyson.

Roy calls Nagakura versus DJ.Taiki.

Josh calls Uesaka versus Wicky.

The show closes with Uesako going into hospital for an exam.

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