Results: Yoshifumi Nakamura Jr takes the SHOOTO Pac Rim title with a UD over Caol Uno

Shooto Lightweight Pacific Rim title Yoshifumi Nakamura vs Caol Uno
Shooto Lightweight Pacific Rim title Yoshifumi Nakamura vs Caol Uno

Shooto 2015 Season Opener on January 25, 2015 features the 6th Pacific Rim Lightweight Championship between number 1 ranked Yoshifumi Nakamura and number 3 ranked Caol Uno.


Nakamura Jr is a diminutive brick house with a deadly double leg that he used effectively in the opening stanza against Uno. Uno came back with elbows, allowed in the match, and ended the final round strong. A the gong, Uno’s blistering 6-fight win streak was halted. All 3 judges gave the decision to Nakamura, 30-27,29-28,29-28, this awarding him the Pacific Rim belt.

Top-ranked Wataru Miki faced face Grachan Champion Shigeki Osawa. Osawa started off 2015 much as his phenomenal 2014 by going the distance and taking the Unanimous decision over Miki.

On May 3rd, Shooto will hold a collaboration event with brand MOBstyles at Korakuen Hall, and Yutaka Saito, Mamoru, Yuta Nezu, Lion Takeshi, Taiki Tuschiya, Ryuichi Miki will fight.

Also on the card, 2013 Rookie Champ and MVP Takaki Soya garnered a win over Taku Kajikawa by Unanimous Decision.

In the first round of the 2015 Infiniti League Featherweight Tournament, Ryo Okada secured a decision win over Takuya Ogura.


SHOOTO 2015 Opener
January 25, 2015
Korakuen Hall
Tokyo, Japan

#10 = 6th Pacific Rim Lightweight Championship
Yoshifumi Nakamura 中村好史
Caol Uno 宇野 薫

Yoshifumi Nakamura def Caol Uno by UD, 30-27,29-28,29-28


#9 – Lightweight
Wataru Miki 美木
Shigeki Osawa 大澤茂樹

Shigeki Osawa def Wataru Miki by UD


#7 – Welterweight
Koshi Matsumoto 松本光史
Yu Fujimaki 藤巻 優

Koshi Matsumoto def Yu Fujimaki by Submission, necj crank, rd 2 2:52


#6 – Featherweight
Shoko Sato 佐藤将光
Atsushi Fujinaka 藤中淳司

Shoko Sato def Atsushi Fujinaka by UD


#5 – 2015 Infiniti League Featherweight Tournament
Ryo Okada 岡田 遼
Takuya Ogura 小蒼卓也

Ryo Okada def Takuya Ogura by Decision


#4 – Lightweight
Joji Mikami 三上譲治
Jeon Chung-Il ジョン・チュン・イル

Joji Mikami def Jeon Chung-Il by Decision


#3 – Lightweight
Tomoya Hirakawa 平川智也
Takanori Takahashi 高橋孝徳

Tomoya Hirakawa def Takanori Takahashi by KO, rd 1 1:26


#2 – Featherweight
Kanamonoya no Hide 金物屋の秀
Ribazaru Shun 狸瑪猿シュン

Kanamonoya no Hide def Ribazaru Shun by Submission, “Chicken Wing Armlock”, rd 2 4:08


#1 – Bantamweight
Takaki Soya 征矢 貴
Taku Kajikawa 梶川 卓

Takaki Soya def Taku Kajikawa by UD


Open – Flyweight
Tateo Iino 飯野タテオ
Jun Nabeshima 鍋島 潤

Tateo Iino defeats Jun Nabeshima by Submission, RNC, rd 1 1:37