SHOOTO 3rd Round: K-Taro drops to 70kg, BW and FW Championships on the line



SHOOTO 3rd Round will take place on July 27, 2013 in Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan.  Along with the World Bantamweight Championship and Pacific Rim Featherweight Championship, superstar K-Taro Nakamura will debut at 70kg.

Keita “K-Taro” Nakamura will drop from 76kg and make his debut in the 70kg division of Shooto, considered “Welterweight”.  Previously dominant at the higher weight class and nicknamed “Rear Naked Choke 10th Dan”, the move signals an interesting thought to future matchups.  But K-Taro will be looking no further than his first fight in the new division because he will face Shooto’s Number 3 ranked Kota Shimoishi.  At 10-2, his record is sparkling, and while it is not the massive 25-5-2 that is K-Taro’s, Shimoishi is a brawling beast with ground skills.  Against the growing legend that is K-Taro, this will be a huge match to look forward to watching. A future challenge against the current champ, Kuniyoshi Hironaka should be in the works after this one.

The Bantamweight Championship – 56kg, Shooto’s difference in labeling makes things a little disconcerting at times – was vacated by Yasuhiro Urushitani for his stint in the UFC. Now Shooto has chose a matchup between the number 1 and 2 ranked fighters, Ryuichi Miki and Yosuke Saruta respectively. Miki went through a tumultuous 2010 and ’11, then catapulted himself back into the limelight with a clean streak through 2012, knocking out two of his four opponents. Saruta has streak going straight since 2011, and with a good ability to scramble and throw bombs of his own, this will be a very entertaining bout. Shooto’s last three 56kg champs were Urushitani, BJ Kojima, and Mamoru Yamaguchi.

The Shooto Pacific Rim Featherweight Championship will be contested at 61kg between current champ Yuta Sasaki and rising star Kenji Yamamoto. This will be Sasaki’s second defense. His grappling skills are well-noted and he finds good chances to put it to work using his rangy southpaw stance set ups. Yamamoto has shown a good range of skills himself in crisp boxing and takedown defense, as well as the ability to entertainingly brawl it out. Being given the challenge s a big opportunity for Yamamoto, but don’t expect him to go into it foolhardily. This should be a very technical match.

Elsewhere on the card, Taiki Tsuchiya will be welcomed back to the ring by a tough Yoshifumi Nakamura. Marksman Kentaro Watanabe will try to line up slippery Kiyotaka Shimizu in his sights. The Infinity Tournament will have its second round with 3 welterweight fights and a flyweight match, and Rookie King second round also gets a showing.

SHOOTO 3rd Round
July 27, 2013
Korakuen Hall
Tokyo, Japan

世界バンタム級チャンピオン決定戦 バンタム級 5回戦 – World Bantamweight Championship
神酒龍一 (14-6-3) (Cave) Ryuichi Miki
飛猿☆No.2 (7-3-1) (リバーサルジム川口リディプス) Yosuke Saruta

環太平洋フェザー級チャンピオンシップ フェザー級 3回戦 Pacific Rim Featherweight Championship
佐々木憂流迦 (12-1-2) (和術慧舟會駿河道場) Yuta Sasaki
山本賢治 (6-1-1) (修斗GYM東京) Kenji Yamamoto

バンタム級 3回戦 Bantamweight
渡辺健太郎 (9-4) (直心会格闘技道場) Kentaro Watanabe
清水清隆 (13-7-3) (TRIBE TOKYO MMA) Kiyotaka Shimizu

ライト級 3回戦 Lightweight
中村好史 (13-4) (マッハ道場) Yoshifumi Nakamura
土屋大喜 (9-3) (Roots) Taiki Tsuchiya

ウェルター級 3回戦 Welterweight
下石康太 (10-2) (MMA修斗GYM BLOWS) Kota Shimoishi
中村K太郎 (25-5-2) (和術慧舟會K太郎道場) Keita Nakamura

インフィニティトーナメント2013, Infinity Tournament

ウェルター級 2回戦 2nd Round Welterweight #1
西岡攻児 (6-2-4) (マスタージャパン) Koji Nishioka
鈴木淑徳 (2-6-1) (パラエストラ松戸) Yoshinori Suzuki

ウェルター級 2回戦 2nd Round Welterweight #2
大尊伸光 (4-2) (総合格闘技津田沼道場) Nobumitsu Osawa
ジャイアン貴裕 (3-2-2) (パラエストラ松戸) Takahiro Suzuki

ウェルター級 2回戦 2nd Round Welterweight #3
藤巻 優 (3-1-1) (パラエストラ小岩) Yu Fujimaki
高橋圭典 (5-10-1) (マッハ道場) Yoshinori Takahashi

フライ級 2回戦 Second Round Flyweight
ATCHアナーキー (7-10-3) (パラエストラ東京) Atsushi Takeuchi
鍋島 潤 (3-4-1) (和術慧舟會東京本部) Jun Nabeshima

2013年度新人王決定トーナメント1回戦 Rookie King Tournament
ライト級 2回戦 2nd Round Lightweight
ゴタンダ (1-0) (ジャクソン道場) Gotanda Gotanda
田中洋輔 (0-0) (秋本道場JungleJunction) Yosuke Tanaka