Shooto 7/26 sees Flyweight Champ Naito face Sawada, Caol Uno vs Shigeki Osawa



Shooto Flyweight Championship Nobita Naito vs Ryuto Sawada, Caol Uno vs Shigeki Osawa
Shooto Flyweight Championship Nobita Naito vs Ryuto Sawada, Caol Uno vs Shigeki Osawa

Shooto’s next card on July 26, 2015 will take place at Korakuen in Tokyo, Japan. Two titles will be up for grabs.

In the first gold match up, Shooto World Flyweight Champion “Nobita” Naito will take on surging youngster Ryuto Sawada. Naito, undefeated at 8-0, shot to the top of the Shooto rankings with blistering speed to challenge for Shinya Murofushi’s title at the end of last year. At literally the final seconds of the 5-round match, Naito got the choke and the crowd went absolutely nuts.

Sawada, a 19-year old protege of Mega Megu, has also climbed the rankings with astounding speed. Dubbed a prospect right out of the box, he stumbled a bit through the Infiniti Tournament but gained his challenger position by putting away the more experienced rankers Masayoshi Kato by choke, and Yuki Shojo with a spectacular 16 second KO. Shoot this one in HD because it will have to be replayed on slow-mo to be witnessed at human speed.

For the Pacific Rim Welterweight Championship, kingpin Koshi Matsumoto will be challenged by Yuki Kawana. Matsumoto gained international notice after he catapulted from Shooto abroad to PXC, then returned to feature in VTJ and HEAT. Back in Shooto, he assaulted the rankings and took the title from Nobumitsu Osawa in April, so this will be a quick defense for him.

Kawana is a product of ZST who remained undefeated through his switch to Shooto to get the Pac Rim title shot. He hasn’t faced the caliber of Matsumoto yet, so this will be a challenge truly worth its weight in gold.

The lightweight division sees an assault on contender status with a major match up between Caol Uno and Shigeki Osawa. Fourth and seventh ranked respectively, Uno got returned to Shooto with an immediate title shot in January that didn’t go his way. So he became the ZST Grappling Tag Team Champion instead. Now Uno is proving that he’s not ready to give up his title aspirations.

Osawa has maintained a mostly positive record which recently put eyes back on him again when he decisioned Wataru Miki in this year’s opener. Osawa likes to throw leather and Uno’s attitude is do-or-die these days, so it should be a violent bout.

“Flying Monkey No. 2” has changed his affiliation to HEARTS and will now be listed as simply Yosuke Saruta when he takes on Taku Kajikawa. Saruta may have gotten roughed up in his recent run, but he’s still an exciting fan favorite. Kajikawa has been grinding his way to a 4-4 record, and he’ll have his hardest grind yet in trying to stifle Saruta.

Also on the card, Atsushi Takeuchi and Tateo Iino will rematch from their Draw in the Infiniti Tournament. Both guys basically got shredded, so this will be a redemption bout.

July 26, 2015
Korakuen Hall
Tokyo, Japan

World flyweight Championship
5 round flyweight [-52.2Kg]
内藤のび太 Yoshitaka Naito
澤田龍人 Ryuto Sawada

Pacific Rim Welterweight Championship
3 round welterweight [-70.3Kg]
松本光史 Koshi Matsumoto
川名雄生 Yuki Kawana

Lightweight [-65.8Kg] 3R
大澤茂樹 Shigeki Osawa
宇野 薫 Caol Uno

Bantamweight [-56.7Kg] 3R
猿田洋祐 Yosuke Saruta
梶川 卓 Taku Kajikawa

Bantamweight [-56.7Kg] 3R
北原史寛 Fumihiro Kitahara
大里洋志 Hiroshi Osato

Flyweight [-52.2Kg] 3 r
飯野タテオ Tateo Iino
ATCHアナーキー Atsushi Takeuchi

Light weight [-65.8Kg] 2R
内藤太尊 Taison Naito
スーパー均くん Super Hitoshi-kun

2015 Rookie King tournament round 1
Featherweight [-61.2Kg] 2R
山田丑五郎 Ushigoro Yamada
松下祐介 Yusuke Matsushita


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