Shooto Gig Tokyo Vol. 15 to be rankings and rookies affair



SHOOTO’s next event will be Gig Tokyo Volume 15 on August 25, 2013. High rankers in the organizations flyweight and featherweight categories will vie to level up, and in the second round of the 2013 Rookie King Tournament, the lightweights move up the ladder.

In the Main Event, number 3 ranked Tadaaki Yamamoto will face number 4 ranked Junji Sarumaru in a fast-paced flyweight ranking affair. “Onibozu” barely missed out in the 2010 Rookie King Tournament after a grueling affair with Masayoshi Kato that saw him lose a split decision.

In the main event of that same evening, “Sarumaru” met Atsushi Takeuchi and took an incredible win; after being dropped early, he swung wildly to defend himself, then went on a rampage and the punches didn’t stop until he KOed his opponent. Then Sarumaru called out Rambaa Somdet.

Yamamoto, left with a bitter taste in his mouth from the Rookie King loss, mounted a campaign against the rankers, and amassed a string of wins with only one decision loss to Yuki Shojo, former bantamweight title contender. The diminutive fighter has proven to be an explosive puncher who is able to capitalise on his stuns with submission finishes. Sarumaru is no wallflower either. His heavy hands earned him the shot at Mikihito Yamagami’s first 115-pound title defence, however his strength ended up being his weakness when he got inside and was taken down, ultimately choked out by the Champion.

Yamamoto versus Ito is going to be a blistering battle and likely a KO will end it, to see if the rankings reverse.

In a featherweight bout, number 4 ranked Kota Onojima in the Pacific Rim division will take on Hidekazu Fukushima. Onojima’s dominant wrestling and ground and pound are his strengths. His only loss in the last three years came via decision to superstar Pac Rim Champ Yuta “Ulka” Sasaki. Blows grappler Fukushima gets his shot at the rankings as he is undefeated since 2011, and last defeated Kosuke Eda by smartly taking advantage of his weaknesses.

Elsewhere on the card, Hitoshi Ogasawara looks to be the early and obvious favorite in the second round of the 2013 Rookie King Tournament in the lightweight division. Shooto submission stalwart Fumihiro Kitahara, fallen to 8th in the rankings with a tough return in 2012, will seek to reclaim a rung when he faces a submission-susceptible Nobu Watanabe. The entertaining Rookie Champ Kosuke “Rambo” Suzuki will bring his toy M-16 to face Paraestra’s young Kotaro Hagiwara who will need a big win to give him up and comer status.

SHOOTO Gig Tokyo Vol. 15
August 25, 2013
Shinjuku FACE
Tokyo, Japan

フライ級 3回戦 Flyweight
Tadaaki “Onibozu” Yamamoto オニオウズ (9-2-2) (総合格闘技ゴンズジム) World #3 ranked
Junji “Sarumaru” Ito 猿丸ジュンジ (9-4) (シューティングジム横浜) World #4 ranked

バンタム級 5分3R Bantamweight
Fumihiro Kitahara (14-4-1) 北原史寛(パラエストラ札幌/世界8位)World #8 ranked
Nobu Watanabe (8-8-3) のぶ渡辺(roots)

フェザー級 3回戦 Featherweight
Kota Onojima 小野島恒太 (7-2-1)(Combat Workout Diamonds/フェザー級環太平洋4位)Pacific Rim 4th ranked
Hidekazu Fukushima 福島秀和 (6-1-1) (MMA修斗ジムBLOWS)

バンタム級 5分3R
Kosuke “Rambo” Suzuki ランボー宏輔 (7-3-2)(パラエストラ千葉)
Kotaro Hagiwara 萩原幸太郎 (3-1-2)(パラエストラ八王子)

2013年新人王決定トーナメントライト級2回戦 5分2R Rookie King Tourney Rd 2 Lightweight
Hitoshi Ogasawara 小笠原均 (6-2-1)(K.O. SHOOTO GYM)
Ryuta Umishita 海下竜太 (0-1)(パラエストラ葛西)

2013年新人王決定トーナメントライト級2回戦 5分2R Rookie King Tourney Rd 2 Lightweight
Kazuhide Shirota 城田和秀 (0-0)(足利ファイトクラブ)
Yosuke Tanaka 田中洋輔 (1-0)(秋本道場JungleJunction)

フライ級 5分2R Flyweight
Atsushi Makigaya 牧々谷篤 (5-7-4)(和術慧舟會群馬支部)
Tateo Iino 飯野タテオ (2-1)(和術慧舟會HEARTS)