SHOOTO Infiniti Tournament 2014 updates and rankings

Shooto Infiniti Tournament 2014
Shooto Infiniti Tournament 2014

Shooto‘s Infiniti Tournaments are a round-robin competition of matches held throughout the length of the entire year. B-Class fighters – those who haven’t yet earned the top A-Class elite fighter status – make up the Infiniti roster. Each entrant will face every other entrant and gain points based on the outcome of each 2 round x 5 minute match.

Points allocation:

☆ 1st Round KO or submission win = 4P
◎ Win by KO or submission = 3P
○ Winner = 2P
△ Draw = 1P

Infiniti Flyweight Tournament Standings

Ryuto Sawada
Ryuto Sawada

5 – Ryuto Sawada  澤田龍人
4 – Masayoshi Kato “Macho The Butterfly” マッチョ・ザ・バタフライ
2 – Ken Asuka 飛鳥 拳
1 – Atsushi Takeuchi ATCHアナーキー
0 – Tateo Iino 飯野タテオ

18-year old AACC prodigy Sawada sits on the top of the pile even though he has a draw because he finished his first fight of the tournament with a 2 minute submission. Macho’s win rate is 2 for 2 however, which in the case of a tie would put him ahead. Asuka has only fought once but he won, which gives the dark horse some street cred in the tournament. Also surprising is that experienced Iino is 0 for 3, and with one fight left is basically out of the rankings.

The next flyweight match won’t be until the September card. The fight to look forward to will be Ryuto versus Sawada on the last Shooto card of the year.

Infiniti 2014 Flyweights
Infiniti 2014 Flyweights

Infiniti League 2014 Flyweight schedule

◇7/6 大阪・阿倍野区民センター大ホール
Masayoshi Kato マッチョ・ザ・バタフライ vs Ken Asuka 飛鳥 拳

◇9/27 東京・後楽園ホール
Atsushi Takeuchi ATCHアナーキー vs Tateo Iino 飯野タテオ
Ryuto Sawada 澤田龍人 vs Ken Asuka 飛鳥 拳

◇12/21 東京・新宿FACE
Atsushi Takeuchi ATCHアナーキー vs Ken Asuka 飛鳥 拳
Masayoshi Kato マッチョ・ザ・バタフライ vs Ryuto Sawada 澤田龍人

Infiniti Lightweight Tournament Standings

Takumi Ota
Takumi Ota

5 – Takumi Ota 太田拓巳
3 – Kazuhide Shirota 城田和秀
1 – Yutaka Saito 斎藤 裕
0 – Fujita Brody 藤田ブロディ
0 – Toshiro Chihama 地浜敏郎

Ota is at the top of the tournament with two matches completed in two wins, one by a finishing submission. So far, Shirota has one win and one draw to put him in second. Brody, while being entertaining, is falling behind quickly.

At today’s Shooto, Shirota meets Fujita. Toshihiro was also scheduled for today, but he sustained a neck injury and will not be able to take part. His opponent, Saito, will earn a buy and receive 2 points. Plus, Saito will still fight because Mitsuhiro Toma stepped up to fill the gap.

Infiniti 2014 Lightweights

Infiniti League 2014 Lightweight schedule

◇7/19 東京・新宿FACE
 Fujita Brody 藤田ブロディ vs Kazuhide Shirota 城田和秀

◇9/27 東京・後楽園ホール
Fujita Brody 藤田ブロディ vs Toshiro Chihama 地浜敏郎
Saito Yutaka 斎藤 裕 vs Ota Takumi 太田拓巳

◇12/21 東京・新宿FACE
Saito Yutaka 斎藤 裕 vs Fujita Brody 藤田ブロディ
Ota Takumi 太田拓巳 vs Kazuhide Shirota 城田和秀