SHOOTO kicks off 2014 with “Great Prospects”, ZST vs Shooto, Flyweight title match



SHOOTO 1st Round 2014 is titled “Great Prospects” and will be headlined by a ZST Champ versus Shooto Champ affair and a World Flyweight challenge.

The next wave of Japanese MMA fighters are coming up through the ranks and they will be celebrated on Shooto’s first card of the new year, 1st Round on January 13, 2014 in Korakuen Hall. Shooto 1st Round 2014 will be headlined by a match for the vacant Flyweight Title between Shinya Murofushi and Junji “Sarumaru” Ito. Murofushi launched his career as the winner of the 2006 Rookie Tournament. A three-fight win streak sees him able to capitalize on a title contention. Ito is no slouch with a career in Shooto lasting almost as long as his opponent’s, but he’s just got one recent win in the bag which came after being stopped by hot prospect Mikihito Yamagami. This will definitely be a grappler versus striker match.

Co-headlining will be up and coming superstar Yuta “Ulka” Sasaki, the former (self-relinquished) Pacicfic Rim Champ, and Keisuke Fujiwara, a 3-time defending ZST Champ. Sasaki has only one loss in his just-over-three years career in MMA and has finished his last two fights in very quick measure. Fujiwara has never been finished, not counting a lone injury at the beginning of his career. While Fujiwara is a huge veteran of the sport, Sasaki is the man riding a wave of admiration into the fight and looked at as Shooto’s next big deliverance. A conquest over Fujiwara would prove he’s worthy of the praise, however Fujiwara’s persistent determination to ascend – once thwarted in DREAM – will make him a tough hill to climb.

Also on the card will be one of the Infiniti Flyweight Tournament Quarter-Finals between hot prospect Ryuto Sawada and Tateo Iino.

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SHOOTO 1st Round 2014
January 13, 2014
Korakuen Hall
Tokyo, Japan

#9 – World flyweight Championship – 5 round
Shinya Murofushi 室伏シンヤ (9-3-1)
Junji Sarumaru 猿丸ジュンジ (10-4)

#8 – Featherweight semi-final – 3 round
Yuta “Uruka” Sasaki 佐々木憂流迦 (14-1-2)
Keisuke Fujiwara 藤原敬典 (15-1-4)

#7 – Infiniti Flyweight Tournament Quarter-Final
Tateo Iino 飯野タテオ (3-1)
Ryuto Sawada 澤田龍人 (2-0)

#6 – Lightweight 3 round
Shigeki Osawa 大澤茂樹 (9-5-2)
Kazuhiro Ito ジャングル伊藤 (5-11-2)

#5 – Bantamweight 2 round
Rambo Kosuke Suzuki ランボー宏輔 (9-3-2)
Taku Kajikawa 梶川 卓 (2-3-1)

#4 – Bantamweight 2 round
Kotaro Hagiwara 萩原幸太郎 (3-2-2)
Shohei Nomitani 呑谷尚平 (3-0-2)

#3 – Welterweight round 2
Yu Fujimaki 藤巻 優 (2-5-3)
Foreman Kazuya Tanaka フォアマン (3-4-1)

#2 – Featherweight 2 round
Kanamonoya no Hide Hideto Okada 金物屋の秀 (2-5-3)
Takashi Maeda 前田貴史 (3-2-1)

#1 – Welterweight round 2
Yoshinori Takahashi 高橋圭典 (5-11-1)
Dai Sudo 須藤 大 (0-0)