SHOOTO Vol 18: Rambo and Masaaki Sugawara vie for title shot, Sawada pit against #1 Shojo

Shooto Gig Tokyo Vol. 18
Shooto Gig Tokyo Vol. 18

Shooto Gig Tokyo Volume 18 takes place on National Day, Wednesday February 11, 2015 in Tokyo, Japan. The next challenger for Ryuichi Miki’s Bantamweight title will be contested for between Rambo Suzuki and Masaaki Sugawara.


Rambo is ranked 4th and Sugawara is ranked 8th. They both jump ahead of the queue as Miki’s already beat #3 ranked Flying Monkey #2, and Kentaro Watanabe has signed with PXC to fight overseas.

Rambo’s most recent fight was a title challenge with Adriano Moraes at ONE FC. Incidentally, Shootist Moraes is ranked at #5 just behind Rambo. But the Brazilian whiz kid choked Rambo out in the third, earned the title, and sent Rambo packing to ply his trade in heavy leather in Japan .

Sugawara kept into the rankings with a first round TKO of ranker Takaki Soya, and he also went toe to toe with #3 Saruta for three rounds.

This will be Sugawara’s and Rambo’s second match together. In the first, Rambo took the decision victory. Sugawara has faced more and great competition than his rival, and this time he’ll need to prove it if he wants the shot at the belt. It’s likely to be a blistering punch up.


In the co-main event, 1st ranked Yuki Shojo will meet young prospect Ryuto Sawada. Even though Sawada had a disappointing result in the 2014 Rookie tournament, going 2-1-1, Shooto is still banking on the 19-year old AACC prodigy to rise to his full potential. So, they pit him against the decade-long competitor Shojo who at 34 is still going strong.

In the first round of the 2015 Rookie King Lightweight Tournament scheduled for this card, a match between Iwaki Kei and Yukawa Kazuya will be postponed as Kazuya dislocated his shoulder and needs two months to heal.


SHOOTO Gig Tokyo Vol. 18
February 11, 2015
Shinjuku FACE
Tokyo, Japan

#8 – Bantamweight Title Challenger match – elbows allowed
Kosuke Suzuki ランボー宏輔(パラエストラ千葉/修斗世界バンタム級4位)
Masaaki Sugawara 菅原雅顕(四街道スポーツジム/修斗世界バンタム級6位)

#7 – Flyweight match – elbows allowed
Yuki Shojo 正城ユウキ(クロスワンジム湘南/修斗世界フライ級1位)
Ryuto Sawada 澤田龍人(AACC)

#6 – Flyweight match – elbows allowed
Junji Ito 猿丸ジュンジ(シューティングジム横浜)
Kenichi Sawada 澤田健壱(パラエストラ東京)

#5 – Featherweight
Keita Ishibashi 石橋佳大(Duroジム/修斗世界フェザー級10位、修斗環太平洋同級4位)
Kazuhide Shirota 城田和秀(足利ファイトクラブ)

#4 – Welterweight
Kazumasa Sugawara 菅原和政(マスタージャパン)
Dai Sudo 須藤 大(roots)

#3 – Featherweight
Toshiaki Hayasaka 早坂俊明(パラエストラ川崎)
Yosuke Ebihara 海老原洋輔(パラエストラ松戸)

#2 – Bantamweight
Koki Naito 内藤頌貴(ないとう・のぶたか/パラエストラ松戸)
Teppei Maeyama 前山哲兵(AACC)

#1 – Welterweight
Yoshinori Takahashi 高橋圭典(マッハ道場)
Koyomi Matsushima 松嶋こよみ(AACC)