SHOOTO 4th Round: Hironaka defends WW Title against Pac Rim Champ Koyama



Shooto 2013 4th Round will be held on September 29, 2013 and will feature Kuniyohsi Hironaka’s long-awaited Welterweight Championship defence. His opponent will be the number one challenger, Shooto Pacific Rim Welterweight Champion Yoshihiro Koyama.

Champ Hironaka finally gets his wish for a title defense after a long year of waiting due to circumstances beyond his control. The lightweight has faced some of the stiffest competition in Japan in his quest for the Cage Force and Shooto belts, as well as a 2-year run in the UFC. Perhaps not so ironically, he takes on Yoshihiro Koyama, whom he TKOed to get his Cage Force title back in 2009. The Shooto Pacific Rim Champ Koyama has been on a tear with a three-fight win streak against some very formidable opponents.

Also on the card, Manabu Inoue will try to regain footing in the rankings after slipping to fighters in the upper echelons when he faces equally hungry Roots ground fighter Akinobu Watanabe. “Rambo” Kosuke Suzuki – who scissor choked Watanabe in his last fight – will face Wayjutsu grappler Masaaki Sugawara in what should be a very exciting match.

Shooto 4th Round
September 29, 2013
Korakuen Hall
Tokyo, Japan

#8 – 世界ウェルター級チャンピオンシップ World Welterweight Championship
ウェルター級 5回戦 – 5 rounds
Kuniyoshi Hironaka 弘中邦佳 (21-8) Champion
Yoshihiro Koyama 児山佳宏 (17-5-1)

#7 – バンタム級 3回戦 Bantamweight
Manabu Inoue 井上 学
AkiNobu Watanabe のぶ渡辺

#6 – バンタム級 3回戦 Bantamweight
Rambo Kosuke Suzukiランボー宏輔
Masaaki Sugawara 菅原雅顕

#5 – ライト級 3回戦 Lightweight
Akitoshi Tamura 田村彰敏
Brian Choi ブライアン・チェ

#4 – インフィニティトーナメント2013 準決勝 2013 Infiniti tournament semifinals
ウェルター級 2回戦
Yu Ueta ウエタユウ
Taison Nobumitsu 大尊伸光

#3 – インフィニティトーナメント2013 準決勝 2013 Infiniti tournament semifinals
ウェルター級 2回戦
Koji Nishioka 西岡攻児
Yu Fujimaki 藤巻 優

#2 – ライト級 2回戦 Lightweight
Kazuhide Shirota 城田和秀
Hitoshi Ogasawara 小笠原 均

#1 – フェザー級 2回戦 Featherweight
Takashi Maeda 前田貴史
Condor Yoshino コンドル吉野