There are a great many talents in Japan’s deep MMA scene who have developed from amateur athletics up through regional promotions. One of these somewhat unsung heroes is ZST stalwart Shunichi Shimizu.  He’s got a whopping 44 fights under his belt, and that belt happens to be the Bantamweight Championship of Kazakhstan’s Alash Pride FC.  He’s fought some of the best in his division on the way up in ZST – a relatively little-known promotion outside of Japan – but he’s also been successful in Sengoku and Pancrase.   MMA-in-ASIA was fortunate to have the opportunity to interview him and get his insights on ZST, his career, and fighting his own brother.

Shunichi’s ending statement on his style, and what makes him stand out from others.:

“As you can see in each fight of mine, you can see a different fight – a different style.  I always try a different way of fighting.  This is not for the opponent, actually I just want to fight this way and that way.  And now I can get my style… I find a way to make it.”