Takeya Mizugaki has his own take on “Pimp My Ride” and “MTV”

Takeya Mizugaki promoting "Miz-TV"
Takeya Mizugaki promoting “Miz-TV”

UFC fighter Takeya Mizugaki has launched his own YouTube channel and he’s driving around town to let everyone know.

Mizugaki surged up a place in the UFC ranking to #5 with last month’s fantastic performance over Francisco Rivera. And just recently former UFC bantamweight champion Dominic Cruz’s coach Eric Del Fierro told Ariel Helwani on the UFC Tonight show that when he returns from a three-year absence in August or September he’d like to face the Japanese standout.

So, while fans are left to ponder if Cruz versus Miz could happen at UFC Japan on September 20, 2014, they don’t have to ponder about what life is like in Mizugaki’s world. Check out his new channel “Miz-TV”. And it’s subtitled in English.