Pancrase 292 ends historic run at Differ Ariake arena


Pancrase 292 took place on 10 December 2017 at the Differ Ariake arena – the last show for the promotion in the historic venue.

The Differ Ariake is located at bay-side of Tokyo area and seats approximately 1200 people. Pancrase has usedDiffer Ariake arena since 2002 and many good fights were born here.

Differ Ariake will soon close and make way for a new building for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic

Pancrase will now make STUDIO COAST at Shin-Kiba area its new home from Pancrase 293 on 4 Feb 2017.

Before one year and 3 month ago Light Weight King of Pancrase and former UFC fighter Kazuki Tokudome took the challenge from former Road FC fighter Takasuke Kume and Tokudome lost. For Tokudome he wanted to revenge and become a champ again for return to UFC. For Kume he recognises Tokudome is one of the strongest challengers so he said he prepared very much for this fight in the movie made for this super fight.

The fight was so violent blow fight and Kume’s left straight hit Tokudome’s chin with only 81 second at 1st round. After winning Kume cried for team mate’s support for this fight. Very impressive and emotional scene…

At Semi final Takashi Sato from TRIBE TOKYO M.M.A led by Ryo Chonan took former welter weight King of Pancrase Akihiro Murayama from GUTSMAN. Before this fight Sato went to America for 4 weeks to train MMA and trained with Luke Rockhold and his mates.
Sato threw punches from mount position and won by TKO. After the fight Sato appealed for the title shot! Current champ is Daichi Abe who fought at last UFC Japan. It will be a super fight.

Pancrase CEO Sakai-san and JBJJF chairman Nakai-san were in Pancrase DECAGON-Cage.

11th Fight (Light Weight King of Pancrase Title Match: 5min x 5R)
Takasuke Kume (ALIVE) VS Kazuki Tokudome (PARAESTRA Hacihoji)
Kume won by TKO at 1R 1’21”.
*Kume got ¥1,000,000- as WIN-BONUS with King of Pancrase fight.

10th Fight (Welter Weight: 5min x 3R)
Takashi Sato (TRIBE TOKYO M.M.A) VS Akihiro Murayama (GUTSMAN)
Sato won by TKO at 1R 4’15”.

9th Fight (Feather Weight: 5min x 3R)
Koyomi Matsushima (PANCRASEism Yokohama) VS Kyle Aguon (SPIKE22)
Matsushima won by 3-0/Decision.

8th Fight (Feather Weight: 5min x 3R)
ISAO (NEVER QUIT) VS Yusuke Kasuya (Sogo Kakuto-gi Dojo CROWN)
ISAO won by 3-0/Decision.

7th Fight (Bantam Weight: 5min x 3R)
Sakuma Kenta (PARAESTRA Kashiwa) VS Nobuki Fujii (ALLIANCE)
Fujii won by 3-0/Decision.

6th Fight (Fly Weight: 5min x 3R)
Masatatsu Ueda (Ogata Dojo) VS Yuki Yasunaga (Tokyo Yellow Mans)
Ueda won by 3-0/Decision.

5th Fight (Straw Weight: 5min x 3R)
Hiroaki Ijima (GUTSMAN) VS Teppei Maeyama (AACC)
Ijima won by 3-0/Decision.

4th Fight (Straw Weight: 5min x 3R)
Ryo Hatta (STRIPLE OHANA) VS Takuya Eizumi (Sogo Kakuto-gi Dojo Mumon-kai)
Hatta won by Choke Sleeper at 2R 4’17”.

3rd Fight (Fly Weight: 3min x 3R)
Yosuke Ogikubo (K-PLACE Saitama Kakutogi-Dojo) VS Tatsuya So (FIGHT STYLE)
So won by 3-0/Decision.

2nd Fight (Feather Weight: 3min x 3R)
Takashi Matsuoka (PANCRASEism Yokohama) VS MIKE (AACC)
Matsuoka won by TKO at 3R 1’04”.

1st Fight (Bantam Weight:3min x 3R)
Yoko Higashi (MMA KING GYM KOBE) VS Kim MyungBo (TFC)
Kim won by Arm-bar at 3R 2’10”.