“Ulka” Yuta Sasaki vs “Brodinho” Leandro Issa set for UFC FN 58 in Brazil

UFC FN 58  Leandro Issa vs Yuta Sasaki
UFC FN 58 Leandro Issa vs Yuta Sasaki

Yuta Sasaki and Leandro Issa, two fighters based in Asia, will meet in Brazil on December 20, 2014 in UFC Fight Night 58: Machida vs Dolloway. Both fighters ride Octagon victories to the clash.


Sasaki, Shooto Champion out of Wayjutsu Keishukai, was incredibly dominant against Roland Delorme in his debut with the UFC. He fulfilled his fast finish reputation by latching onto and submitting Delorme in the early parts of the opening stanza, and claimed a $50,000 bonus for doing so.

Issa is a phenomenal grappler from Evolve MMA who landed a spot on the first Singapore card, but failed to pull out the win for his adopted hometown crowd. However, Octagon jitters aside, Issa made his sophomore appearance a memorable one, by completely outclassing China’s standout Jumabieke Tuerxun, and earned his own smashing bonus as well.

Sasaki will have the reach, but expect this to be a scramble. Issa will do best not to stand and trade, and will have to be careful with his shoots against the gravity-defying spider. Sasaki, as of late, has faced no one with the grappling pedigree near to Issa’s.

Should the fight stay standing, Issa will be challenged, and should it go to the ground, Sasaki will be forced to prove his mettle.


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