After vanishing into the mists of the Japanese mountains circa 1999, then peeking its head out ten years later for a reunion of sorts, Vale Tudo Japan has finally reemerged just in time for Christmas 2012. VTJ 1st will commence on December 24th at 16:00 live at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Tokyo. The event will have a PPV on Japan’s SkyPerfect, and viewers will get a treat: along with Takashi Hiroshi Kawachi’s play-by-play and MMA writer Takumi Nakamura’s commentary, the special guest commentator will be Genki Sudo, another legend coming back out of the mist and onto the Japanese MMA stage.

MMA-in-ASIA will be on hand to cover VTJ 1st live in Tokyo.  Please stay tuned for updates.

VTJ 1st
December 12, 2012
Tokyo, Japan

8 [発表済み対戦カード] 135ポンド契約5分3R
所 英男(日本/トコロプラス) HIDEO TOKORO 30-25-2 vs (日本/root) 佐藤ルミナ RUMINA SATO 26-16-2

7 (シューティングジム横浜)リオン武 Takeshi Inoue 21-6-0 vs 大沢ケンジ(和術慧舟會HEARTS) Kenji Osawa 18-10-2

6 弘中邦佳 Kuniyoshi Hironaka 20-8 vs Carlo Prater 30-12-1

5 堀口恭司 Kyoji Horiguchi 8-1 vs Ian Loveland 16-9

4 マモル Mamoru Yamaguchi 26-6-3 vs Darrell Montague 11-2

3 115ポンド 5分×2ラウンド
(AACC)藤井恵 Megumi Fujii 25-2 vs V.VMei (フリー) Mei Yamaguchi 10-4-1

2 177ポンド 5分×3ラウンド
(和術慧舟會)中村K太郎 Keita Nakamura 24-5-2 vs 鈴木信達(フリー) Nobutatsu Suzuki 9-0-2

1 160ポンド契約 5分×3ラウンド
星野大介 Daisuke Hoshino 7-6-1 vs Kuntap Weerasakreck 0-1