Video: Gomi Takanori, five minutes with the Fireball Kid before UFC FN 52 on beer, dogs, & title fights

UFC's Takanori Gomi
UFC’s Takanori Gomi

Japanese icon Gomi Takanori steps in the Octagon for the ninth time at UFC Fight Night 52 on September 20, 2014 against Miles Jury. The Fireball Kid will have massive home town support.


The former PRIDE Lightweight Champion has been ranked as one of the best to ever exist in the sport of MMA. As such, it seems like his life is an open book. Stats abound, videos of his fights, multiple interviews make him almost demystified. So we took the opportunity to ask Gomi some lighthearted personal questions – and then got serious about Sanchez and title shots.


Favorite Japanese craft beer?

“Premium Malt… and Ebisu.”

Favorite fish?

“Anything. I’ve already booked a Japanese barbecue place (for after weigh ins).”

Dogs or cats?

“I like both… especially Golden Retrievers… one day I want to have a big dog I can tackle.”

What will put him into title position?

“I must win. After that, I’ll start to think (about it).”

What about his opponent’s youth?

“I was young too… I’m just looking forward to my birthday 2 days later.”

Is he on the way back up?

“I want the audience to judge my feeling and my fight.”