Video Interview: soft-spoken Rin Nakai aims at growing women’s MMA in Japan with UFC debut

UFC's Rin Nakai
UFC’s Rin Nakai

Japanese starlet Rin Nakai will face Meisha Tate at UFC Fight Night 52 on September 20, 2014. At the media scrum, she spoke briefly about her feelings on the life-changing event.


Nakai is undefeated in her home country of Japan and is the reigning “Venus”, Women’s Bantamweight Champion of Pancrase. Her upcoming match will see her trial by fire debut in the UFC against the #2-ranked Tate.

Nakai seemed a bit overwhelmed by the hoopla and attention at the media day. She was besieged by camera crews and reporters, and looked as if she would have been perfectly happy to sit and pose for pictures rather than reply to questions. On the surface, Nakai is strong and sexy, but her personality is the opposite – shy and humble.

MMA-in-ASIA was able to muscle past the throngs to get a few questions in with Nakai. In regards to her UFC signing and the subject of women’s MMA, she meekly sought her coach’s assistance in answering. But when queried on Ronda Rousey, she was quick to reply, a smile on her face.