Video: Kazuki Tokudome fights on home turf for more than a bonus at UFC Fight Night 52

UFC's Kazuki Tokudome
UFC’s Kazuki Tokudome

Kazuki Tokudome comes into the Octagon for his fourth time at UFC Fight Night 52 on September 20, 2014 against Johnny Case. Fighting back on home soil, Tokudome knows this fight is do or die.


His last fight in Macau against Nam Yui-Chul, an incredibly brutal and damaging back and forth bout which was Fight of the Night, was still a loss on Tokudome’s record. He knows full well that off the back of two losses in a row, he needs to make the next one count.

The former Pancrase title contender will take heart, strength, and a decent striking game to Case. This time, Tokudome will be fighting for much more than Fight of the Night, so fans can expect a war.

On Johnny Case,

“He is taller, and has a longer reach. I want to keep my distance.”

On his heart,

“I don’t do any training for it. It’s natural. My teammates make me ‘up’.”

On his future,

“I would like to fight overseas.”