Video: Mark Hunt on fighting Roy Nelson, a run at the title, rematches he’d make (yo, Melvin Manhoef)

UFC Fight Night 52 Mark Hunt
UFC Fight Night 52 Mark Hunt

Mark Hunt heads back to his old stomping grounds of Japan at UFC Fight Night 52 against Roy Nelson on September 20, 2014. The hugely popular fighter still has an immense drive to strike gold.


Hunt thinks that Nelson’s jovial personality sometimes reminds him of himself, but he’s not about to let that stand in the way of his dream of catching UFC gold. And upon confirming a new 6-fight contract, he says that’s right where he wants to be.

Still, when broaching the subject of point-fighters, Hunt promises fans will never see him go that route. There’s fire in him that comes from the way he was made, and he believes that he’s doing exactly what he should be in life.

Hunt also talks about guys he’d like to rematch, and he jumps on “JDS” before the question is out. He would like to rematch all the guys he’s lost to, including a special call-out to Melvin Manhoef. And if he could drop in weight – or someone could come up, he’d fight Bruce Lee.