Video: Miesha Tate’s media scrum for UFC FN 52 vs Rin Nakai: “Would be nice to give her her first defeat”

UFC's Meisha Tate
UFC’s Miesha Tate

Miesha Tate faces Rin Nakai at UFC Fight Night 52 on September 20, 2014 in Tokyo, Japan. She took part in an open media scrum prior to the event during the fight week lead up.


Tate fielded questions from the audience about her condition, her opponent, her experiences with TUF and on her visits to Japan. She was candid and thorough in her answers.

In her previous trip to support boyfriend Brian Caraway in his UFC Tokyo fight, she was able to train with Megumi Fujii and Hitomi Akano. Tate says of, Fujii,

“For me, it was a huge honor to train with Megumi Fujiiā€¦ I still think she’s the best women’s MMA fighter ever.”

Tate believes the UFC brought her to Japan for a reason, and that reason is to grow women’s MMA in the country. Her advice to women considering the sport,

“I encourage the girls to try it. The sport is not just for men anymore.”

Tate responded to the query of her opponent Nakai being possibly less than adequate for her, since it is Nakai’s UFC debut and Tate is ranked #2. Tate responded,

“I think the most dangerous for me would be to underestimate her strength. She has a god record – 16 and 0 – and it would be nice to give her her first defeat.”