Video: Roy Nelson wants to be the Expendables’ bearded ninja, and “PEDs are (still) bad” (mm kay)

UFC Fight Night 52 Roy Nelson
UFC Fight Night 52 Roy Nelson

Roy Nelson faces Mark Hunt as the main event for UFC Fight Night 52 in Japan on September 20, 2014. A match that seems more like a gathering for a barbecue than a fight is bound to have some lighthearted moments.


In this exclusive interview with MMA-in-ASIA, Nelson talks about a wide variety of subjects both silly and serious. He talks about why he got involved with so many martial arts at a young age, the possibility of doing Metamoris, and why MMA is simply a sport.

Nelson wouldn’t mind hanging out with his early heroes in the next Expendables, provided he can be the “burly ammunitions expert” or the ninja. ┬áHe remembers his experience in Guam-based Pacific X-treme Combat and gives props to their development.

Nelson also discusses his continued feelings on the topics of doping and PEDs, from the point of being the first guy to speak about on the subject, and to advocate beards.

Basically, an all around cool guy.