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MMA-in-ASIA’s Kei Kumaki is live at the Ota Gymnasium for updates and live results for today’s Vale Tudo Japan 4th. Photos of the event will be posted afterwards.

The Flyweight Tournament sees Kana Hyatt, Hiromasa Ogikubo, Czar Sklavos, and Ryuichi Miki advance to the semifinals. Yuta Sasaki wins and calls out King of Pancrase Shintaro Ishiwatari. Naoyuki Kotani wins his 13th straight fight, and calls out Shooto Lightweight Champion Kuniyoshi Hironaka.

VTJ 4th
February 23, 3014
Ota City Gymnasium
Tokyo, Japan

Live streaming via Japanese portal NicoNico at http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv168522676

#13 – 145
Hiroyuki Takaya (17-11-2) 高谷裕之(日本/高谷軍団)
Yojiro Uchimura (11-6-3) 内村洋次郎(日本/イングラム)

1R Uchimura is a lefty. Uchimura lands a left cross. Uchimura’s one two is very quick and lands. Uchimura is circling right. Takaya throws a right cross and then a one two. Uchimura goes down and Takaya pounds him out!

Hiroyuki Takaya defeats Yojiro Uchimura by KO, rd 1

#12 – 145lb
Caol Uno (29-16-5) 宇野 薫(UNO DOJO)
Jesse Brock (16-7) ジェシー・ブロック(アメリカ/TWISTED GENETIKS)

1R Uno is a lefty. They exchanges jabs. Jesse lifts and slams Uno and gets side control. But Uno takes his back. Jesse stands up putting Uno on his back. Uno reverses with the same and tries to choke, but gets up and takes Uno down. Uno escapes from back position and pound on Jesse.

2R They keep circling. Uno mainly uses his left front kick. Jesse takes him down because of it and works to side then back. Uno escapes and gets back up. Uno tries left head kick but slips and Jesse gets top position.

3R They exchanges punches and kicks. Uno takes down Jesse but he is able to get back to standing quickly. Jesse catches Uno’s left leg kick again and lifts him and throws him. The round ends with the two standing.

Caol Uno defeats Jesse Brock by Unanimous Decision

#11 – 155
Yoshihiro Koyama (17-6-2) 児山佳宏(日本/パラエストラ松戸)※第5代修斗環太平洋ウェルター級王者
Naoyuki Kotani (32-10-7) 小谷直之(日本/ロデオスタイル)※ZSTライト級王者

1R Koyama is a lefty. Koyama pushes to the cage. They freeze at the cage side. Referee says break. Koyama pushes to the cage again. and again ref says break. Koyama tries for a single leg but Kotani resists and keeps it standing and even latches on for a front choke. Kotani reverses to mount.

2R Koyama pushes to the cage. Kotani gets his back standing. Koyama reverses him to the cage. Koyama tries a single,but Koyama defends. Ref breaks again. Kotani tries to judo throw Koyama but fails. Kotani gets half and reverses to guard. Koyama pounds.

3R Koyama pushes to the cage and tries for a single. Kotani resists and yet again ref says break. Kotani from the bottom tries for a triangle. Koyama escapes and pounds. Ref says break. Koyama tries a single against Kotani’s punches. Koyama takes him down but Kotani stands up quickly.

Naoyuki Kotani defeats Yoshihiro Koyama by Unanimous Decision

#10 – Flyweight Tournament 1st Round Match 4
Ryuichi Miki (15-6-2) 神酒龍一(日本/CAVE)
Yoshiro Maeda (30-13-5) 前田吉郎(日本/パンクラス大阪稲垣組)

1R Maeda is a lefty. Miki tries for a double leg. Maeda defends. Miki throws a right cross and hits Maeda, wobbling him. Maeda tackles and starts throwing punches. Miki’s right cross hits him several times.

2R Maeda’s left straight lands. They exchange striking hard. Miki uses punches and Maeda uses leg and front kicks mainly. Miki takes Maeda down, but Maeda stands up and gets standing back. They exchange again, striking hard.

3R They open the final round with very active and hard striking. Maeda is fighting without his guard up. Maeda left knee kicks and scrambles. Miki gets his back on the ground. Maeda stands up. Maeda rushes in with punches. Miki tries a front choke while standing and Maeda takes him down. They are up and striking furiously. Miki ends the fight with a take down and ground and pound.

Ryuichi Miki defeats Yoshiro Maeda by Unanimous Decision

#9 – Flyweight Tournament 1st Round Match 3
Mamoru Yamaguchi (26-8-4) マモル(日本/シューティングジム横浜)
Czar Sklavos (8-3) シーザー・スクラヴォス(アメリカ/TEAM SKLAVOS)

Czar gets the back standing, and jumps onto Mamoru’s back and rides. They go to the ground. Czar gets a choke and Mamoru is out!

Czar Sklavos defeats Mamoru Yamaguchi by Submission, RNC, rd 1, 1:28

#8 – Flyweight Tournament 1st Round Match 2
Hiromasa Ogikubo (10-3-2) 扇久保博正(日本/パラエストラ松戸
Takeshi Kasugai (13-2-1) 春日井健士(日本/志村道場)

1R Ougikubo pushes Kasugai to the cage and takes him down with a double leg. But Ougikubo stands up. Ougikubo tackles and throws punches, Kasugai defends. Ougikubo tries again and gets side. Kasugai stands up, but Ougikubo keeps his back. Ougikubo takes him down and gets back, but again Kasugai stands up. Another Ougikubo takedown and he gets half and Kasugai stands out of it.

2R They exchange punches and leg kicks. Ougikubo tackles, Kasugai stands. Ougikubo continues his plan of takedowns and gets back. Kasugai reverses to guard and stands up.

3R Ougikubo tackles but fails. Kasugai passes guard and gets side and then back control. Kasugai tries to choke and it looks like he might get it, ut Ougikubo escapes! Ougikubo takes Kasugai down again and gets side. But Kasugai reverses to guard and starts to pound. Kasugai passes and achieves mount position. Ougikubo turns his back and tries to stand up. When Ougikubo is in 4-point position, Kasugai illegally knees his head and loses one point. Kasugai ends the round with a takedown and GNP.

Hiromasa Ogikubo defeats Takeshi Kasugai by Majority Decision

#7 – Flyweight Tournament 1st Round Match 1
Kana Hyatt (12-12) カナ・ハヤット(アメリカ/チーム・ボディショップ)
Freddy Arteaga (4-2) フレディ・アルティーガ(アメリカ/TWISTED GENETIKS)

1R They keep circling and exchange jabs. Hyatt throws a right hook as counter against Artega’s right leg kick. Hyatt dominates the distance. Hyatt with a left body kick, Artega takes damage. Artega takes down Hyatt with a double leg, it’s nice timing, but Hyatto keeps guard and stands up.

2R They exchange many punches hard. Hyatt usually steps back and Artega follows. Hyatt throws a right body straight and then a left hook. Hyatt throws a right cross and then left hook, the left hook hits and Artega is down. Hyatt pounds on him but Artega stands up. Hyatt throws another left hook. Artega is unsteady and Hyatt cathces him in a Muay Thai clinch.

3R Artega takes down Hyatt with a double leg but Hyatt catches him with a front choke. Artega escapes and then gets half. Hyatt reverses to guard. Referee says break. Hyatt takes down again and Artega stands up, but Hyatt finishes the fight with another take down. A very fierce and active fight between the two Americans in the Flyweight Tournament.

Kana Hyatt defeats Freddy Arteaga by Unanimous Decision

#6 – 145lb
Wataru Miki (20-11-6) 美木 航(NATURAL9)
Kim Jae-Woong (3-2) キム・ジェ・ウォン(韓国/EXTREME COMBAT TEAM)

Kim takes the fight on short notice after Wicky Nishiura is injured in training.

1R Miki is a lefty. They exchange jabs. Miki shoots for a takes down, but Kim defends. Miki finds success with a judo throw, but Kim gets right back up. Kim targets with a left hook after Miki throws left straight. Miki takes him down and get side control but again Kim stands up.

2R Kim’s right body kick sounds big, and Miki takes damage. Then it’s Kim’s turn for a takedown, but Miki stands up and goes for a single leg. Kim is pushed to the cage.

3R They exchange jabs. Miki tackles with single leg, but fails. Miki is pushed to the cage. Ref breaks it. They exchange punches with Kim definitely getting the better in striking. Miki tries to take him down but fails. Kim sprawls and punishes Miki for a decisive ending.

Kim Jae-Woong defeats Wataru Miki by Unanimous Decision

#5 – 160
Kengo Ura (10-9-2) 宇良健吾(イングラム)※第5代ウェルター級キングオブパンクラス
Daisuke Hoshino (8-7-1) 星野大介(総合格闘技津田沼道場)

1R Hoshino is a lefty. Hoshino controls the distance. Ura catches a head kick and punches. Ura hits a right cross. Hoshino goes for a Muaythai clinch and punishes him. Hoshino with a left body kick. Ura gets damage from it. Ura throws big over hand right hook and lands. Hoshino is down, but at the same time the buzzer sounds.

2R They keep circling and exchange jabs. Ura gets a takes down, but Hoshino stands up quickly. Not much action.

3R Hoshino shows head kicks and leg kicks. Ura catches a leg kick and pushes him, but cant take down. Again, another tentative round.

Kengo Ura defeats Daisuke Hoshino by Split Decision

#4 – 135
Yuta Sasaki (15-1-2) 佐々木憂流迦(和術慧舟會駿河道場
Teruto Ishihara (6-1-1) 石原夜叉坊(修斗GYMS直心会)

1R Yasha shows flying knee but Yasha is taken down. Ulka gets half then gets back. Yasha stands up. Ulka tries to take down many times. Yasha blocks everything. Ulka goes on the bottom position himself, but break. They exchange punches. Ulka takes down again but Yasha gets back up.

2R Ulka looks calm. Yasha defends his tackle, but is swept and gets his back taken. Ulka chokes Yasha out.

Yuta Sasaki defeats Teruto Ishihara by Submission, RNC, rd 2


#3 – 125ポンド契約3分3R
Katsuya Murofushi (5-6) 室伏カツヤ(roots)
Hidenobu Izena (6-0-1) 伊是名 秀宣(チーム・ソフトコンタクト)※ROFCフライ級王者

1R Iseno is a lefty. Mainly they keep long distance. They exchange leg kicks. Katsuya hits a few right crosses.

2R Mainly they keep long distance. They exchange leg kicks. Katsuya hits a few right crosses. Izena is down from one of Katsuya’s right crosses. After Izena is down, Katsuya pounds him and gets his back, trying to choke, but buzzer rings.

3R Izena’s left eye is injured. Referee check. Katsuya takes Iszena down and gets his back. Izena tries arm rock but buzzer rings.

Katsuya Murofushi defeats Hidenobu Izena by Unanimous Decision

#2 – 155ポンド契約3分3R
Joji Mikami (0-0) 三上譲治(修斗GYM東京)
Kazushi Okutsu (1-1) 奥津和志(マッハ道場)

Joji Mikami defeats Kazushi Okutsu by Unanimous Decision

#1 – 170
Makoto Maeda (5-4-3) チョモランマ1/2(総斗會三村道場)
Yuki Suzuki (1-0) 鈴木JAPAN(AACC) ※鈴木友季改め 13年全日本アマ修斗ライトヘビー級優勝

Yuki Suzuki defeats Makoto Maeda by Unanimous Decision


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