VTJ 5th in Osaka live results, stream info for Flyweight Tournament Semifinals

VTJ 5th in Osaka, Tokyo
VTJ 5th in Osaka, Tokyo

VTJ 5th takes place in Osaka, Japan on June 28, 2014. It will feature the Semifinals of the Flyweight Tournament.

Vale Tudo Japan hits Osaka for the first time with today’s VTJ 5th. The UFC’s announcement of a future cooperation to find Japan’s top fighters through the organization should make today’s matches all the more exciting.

Two of three foreigners who entered the tournament have both progressed to the semifinals, Czar Sklavos and Kana Hyatt. Sklavos submitted Mamoru and Hyatt won a decision over Freddy Artega. They will face Ryuichi Miki and Hiromasa Ogikubo respectively. Miki kept a strong winning streak intact with his decision over warhorse Yoshiro Maeda, and Ogikubo came back after losing his Shooto title to Kyoji Horiguchi by edging out a decision win over Takeshi Kasugai.

Exciting “Supernova” grappler Shinji Sasaki was supposed to face Cobra Kai’s well-rounded Yasuaki Kishimoto but suddenly in the morning Sasaki fell ill and was taken to hospital.

Also on the card, Shooto and Cage Force stand out Wataru Miki takes on King of Pancrase Takumi Nakayama.

VTJ 5th
June 28, 2014
Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium
Osaka, Japan

Live streamed at 14:00JST at https://secure.live.nicovideo.jp/product/2375

#8 – 135 lbs
Teruto Ishihara (6-2) 石原夜叉坊 (修斗GYMS直心会)
Jo Jung-Hwan (0-0) ジョ・ジュンファン(ジュンシムジム)

Teruto Ishihara defeats Jo Jung-Hwan by TKO, rd 2, 2:25

#7 – VTJ flyweight (56.7 kg) tournament semifinals
Ryuichi Miki (16-6-4) 神酒龍一(CAVE/現修斗世界バンタム級王者)
Czar Sklavos (9-3) シーザー・スクラヴォス(米国/チーム・スクラヴォス)

Czar Sklavos defeats Ryuichi Miki by Unanimous Decision

#6 – VTJ flyweight (56.7 kg) tournament semifinals135
Hiromasa Ogikubo (11-3-2) 扇久保博正 (パラエストラ松戸/第8代修斗世界フェザー級王者)
Kana Hyatt (13-12) カナ・ハヤット(米国/チームボディショップ/現Pandemonium王者)

Hiromasa Ogikubo defeats Kana Hyatt by RNC, rd 1



#5 – 145(65.8kg)ポンド契約 5分×3R
Wataru Miki (20-12-6) 美木航 (NATURAL9)
Takumi Nakayama (18-14-6)(パラエストラ大阪/現フェザー級キングオブパンクラシスト)

Takumi Nakayama defeats Wataru Miki by Submission, RNC, rd 2, 2:28


#4 – 135ポンド(61.2kg)契約 5分×3R
Kenji Yamamoto (6-2) 山本賢治 (修斗GYM東京)
Yusaku Nakamura (7-4-1) 中村優作 (総合格闘技スタジオSTYLE)

Yusaku Nakamura defeats Kenji Yamamoto by Unanimous Decision


#3 – 135ポンド(61.2kg)契約 3分×3R
Junya Kodo (9-6-2) KODO (修斗GYM神戸)
Hidenobu Izena (6-1-1) 伊是名秀宣(チーム・ソフトコンタクト/ライジングオンフライ級王者)

Junya Kodo defeats Hidenobu Izena by Submission, guillotine, rd 3, 1:25


#2 – 150ポンド(68.0kg)契約 3分×3R
Tsuneo Kimura (8-6-1) ジャックナイフツネオ (シューティングジム大阪)
Kazunari Majima (2-0) 摩嶋一整(毛利道場)

Tsuneo Kimura defeats Kazunari Majima by Split decision


#1 – 145ポンド(65.8㎏)契約 3分×3R
Akira Takano (0-0) 高野明(MMA修斗ジムBLOWS)
Takaaki Takaaki (5-1) 鷹亜希(修斗GYMS直心会)

Akira Takano defeats Takaaki by TKO, rd 2